NFC and AFC Championships lead to more Casino play

We here at hope that you’ve had a pleasant weekend, and hopefully with any wagers placed on the NFC and AFC Championship games, your wagers placed came to fruition at the end of each game. With my two wagers placed on our top sportsbooks for the Championship games, luckily enough, this year the bets placed came out on top as (gasp) the Arizona Cardinals head to the Superbowl for the first time in history, after a fairly decisive 32-25 victory at home over the Philadelphia Eagles. Further, to the surprise of relatively few, the Pittsburgh Steelers rode a fine defensive performance achored by Troy Polamalu’s interception return for a TD, giving the Steel Curtain the win 23-14. It is certainly worth stating how well the Baltimore Ravens surprised the football world by even getting to the playoffs, and certainly for next year, watch out for the budding Joe Flacco to impress the likes of all sports fans.

With those two games completed, Monday is admittedly much more low key, so for online action today it’s (read the review of Intertops) taking the featured spotlight, with the thoughts of playing a little roulette, some blackjack, and maybe a few 5 card games to lighten up the evening. has been a solid featured website, having the most sportsbook wagering possibilities out of any website I have come across to date, as well as one of the best integrated casinos we have featured on our site. They have gone out of their way to set up independent websites for each of their wagering sections, offering different bonuses for each area of play.

Taking full advantage of the 100% sign-up matching bonus at their casino (based off of a 100 dollar initial buy in), there is plenty of action ahead without much chance of running out of money anytime soon. There are more bonuses and incentives for the poker room as well, which is also a separate sub-website at, and is home to around 500,000 registered players. At any time of the day, there is action to be had on this website. With a general lack of sports bets scheduled for Monday, it is a perfect opportunity to explore other wagering options on’s featured online sportsbooks and casinos. Join me on the casinos, and find out for yourself how much fun you can have on our featured websites. You won’t be disappointed.

Aaron G.