Midweek update, more betting on sports at Sportsbook.com

With my wagers placed for sports action on Tuesday, Intertops.com (read the review of Intertops) casino was alive and kicking yesterday, perhaps with so many others like me needing some excitement with the general lack of sporting events to wager on. After a long stint (about 4 and a half hours) and a run of good luck, 20 dollars has turned itself into almost one hundred after hitting just about every possible lucky draw. On a ten person table, I watched my stack dwindle in half before going on a winning streak lasting almost 2 full hours. Too bad for me that I wasn’t playing higher stakes, however, one must admit that you take what you can get, right? I’m certainly not complaining about extra money in my casino account, which will no doubt be used again soon.

For today’s wagering, the NHL has had an exciting season thus far, with so many teams doing very well, making for fun wagering on our best online sportsbooks. Noteworthy this year have been the unstoppable San Jose Sharks with a team of fast-skating youthful players. The play of such greats as Alexander Ovechkin, Sydney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Alexei Kovalev and Marc Savard highlight the insurgence of MVP players to the forefront of hockey action, and it’s never been a better time to get involved with the game. The league as a whole is in very good shape leading into the All-Star break this coming weekend, providing fast flying action for the avid sports fan. For fun, I jumped over to Sportsbook.com, another of our top sportsbooks and have taken a few bets on the Calgary Flames and the Philadelphia Flyters to win straight up.

The NBA has also had its share of exciting play in the fist half of the year. Again, this league has a large proportion of youth to draw excitement from, and wagering on the NBA will only get more exciting as the run towards the playoffs begin. Relying on teams like the Celtics, Lakers, Hornets and Jazz to anchor betting on sports for the NBA has been a great way to utilize parlay wagering without too much risk. With a few of those teams in mind today, I quickly placed a parlay wager on Playersonly.com (read the review of Players Only) to take the Jazz over the Rockets, the Celtics over the Heat, and the Hornets at home over the New Jersey Nets.

With all this youthful talent, and the start of playoff runs beginning, this New Year is getting kicked off on just the right foot for the avid sports fan. With plenty of sports to wager on, CasinoReview.org offers the finest online sports betting sites and casinos to place your bets and get in on all the exciting action the sports world has to offer this year. One half of the NHL and NBA may be over, but an even more exciting and action-packed half is still left.

Aaron G.