Wednesday sports update, wagering at

It’s hard to believe that the NFL season is almost completely over, and the NHL hockey season is past the half way mark, with the NBA season nipping right at it’s heels. For a quick highlight of the day’s sports action, we turn to the NBA highlights, noting a few wagers placed in and amongst the days’ online sports betting action. Starting off with a few of the worst, the Memphis Grizzlies may be even worse than the OKC Thunder, as they slip to their 11th straight loss with a 114-102 overtime loss to the Thunder on Wednesday night. The Mavericks stopped the Warriors, and the Rockets were downed by the 76ers at home, which unfortunately for this writer killed a perfectly good wager at (read the review of Players Only). But, with the Pistons, Heat, and Celtics all wining their games on Wednesday, I was able to break even for the day, and therefore have enough to keep wagering this week on Thursday’s games.

There was certainly some great wagering action to be had in hockey on Wednesday, as the NHL All-Star break is finished, and teams are getting back to business quickly for the second half of the year. With four games on tap, a quick 4 team parlay sounded like a good idea, but didn’t turn out as planned as my Vancouver Canucks dropped yet another game, this time to the visiting Nashville Predators. As with the NBA, the NHL is having a great turn for the playoffs, with many teams looking to establish their dominance. With 21 teams over .500 this year (and many right on the cusp) it should be a strong race from here on out, making for exciting wagering on’s featured sportsbooks.

With Wednesday being a little slow around the world of sports, I took the opportunity to dive back into a couple of’s featured online casinos to find some great wagering action. Going over to the poker room at, I found a bit of a streak on the Blackjack tables´┐Żand then took a bit of a hit, going down a few bucks. Licking my wounds, I tried my luck one more time on Tuesday, and headed to (read the review of Players Only) for a little more casino action. While I recorded a few big pots, the cards weren’t falling in line for this writer, but I left breaking just about even for the evening. Hopefully tomorrow will bring a little more luck for me. Speaking of being lucky, I hope that you have placed your bets or at least have given some thought to wagering on the quickly approaching Superbowl XLIII.’s featured sportsbooks have a bevy of information for you take advantage of, so get out there, place those bets, and start the anticipation for Superbowl Sunday. We’ll see you tomorrow, and thank you again for checking in with us at

Aaron G.