Saturday starts one of the best weekends of …

It’s still 1 more day away from coming to fruition, and already I’m starting to get giddy over Super Bowl XLIII! However, to not make matters worse by wishing too hard for this day to pass and Sunday to come, there is a plethora of action for wagering in the best online sportsbooks featured here at With that in mind, Saturday gets kicked off with an absolute bombardment of NCAA Basketball, with action from coast to coast and border to border, you would have to be nuts not to want to get in on the great online sports betting action offered at our top sportsbooks!

Needless to say, if you like basketball today is your day for online sports betting. As the day is just getting started, make your way to your favorite online sportsbook, and just scroll through the list of games to wager on. The NCAA has great conference match-ups, the NBA is getting started in just a few short moments with all kinds of activity, and there’s nothing left to do except count the hours until the Super Bowl Pre-game Show starts tomorrow. It’s sad that we’ll all have to finally say goodbye to another great year of NFL football action and sports betting, but with March Madness just a bit of a ways a way and plenty of action left in NBA Basketball and NHL hockey, there’s really no better time to get in to online sports betting at our top sportsbooks reviewed on our site.

I certainly hope that you are all fully prepared with sportsbook bets placed, and plans lined up for the great action that is sure to be Super Bowl XLIII. Each day that approaches, I believe the possibility of a victory for the Arizona Cardinals, who have come from an 8-8 record in one of the worst conferences, might actually not be so far out of reach. It’s going to take a lot to shut down the Kurt Warner-led attack of the Cardinals but conversely it will take a lot to get through the Pittsburgh Steelers award winning defensive unit, helmed by mastermind Defensive Coordinator Dick LeBeau. Either way you slice it, there is plenty of opportunity still left for betting on the Super Bowl, so head on over to our of our best online sportsbooks and get in on the action before it’s too late!

Aaron G.