Basketball, Hockey and a little Premier League Football …

For Monday, sports betting fans can find a handful of great wagering possibilities, especially when taking a venture to one of the top sportsbooks reviewed right here. With a new week comes a new sportsbook to try out, at (<a href=””>read the review of WagerWeb Sportsbook</a>). A relative newbie to our fold, WagerWeb is fast becoming a stand-by sportsbook for wagering throughout the week. With one of the cleanest and simplest interface, easy to reach Sportsbook lines, and solid promotional offerings, taking out bets is a cinch. Whether your into placing wagers on sports, in the casino on poker tables, or picking your horse to win the big race, is a great place to get into the games! To lighten the mood and raise the hopes up in an otherwise pretty drab and boring work day, a trip to early beforehand will give me something to look forward to at the end of the day; a light at the end of the tunnel if you will. Maybe I’m a little dramatic, but it’s definitely true that betting on sports can add a dash of excitement at anytime!

With the majority of today’s online sports betting action on NBA basketball, we’re gettin’ a little crazy this afternoon, and shooting high with a low-dollar high-potential parlay, after winning some change off Arizona against Green Bay, why not play around with a little house coin? In action on the court we have Boston looking for revenge at home after a loss three days ago to the Atlanta Hawks, as well as Miami vs. Utah in the two better match-ups of the evening. For sportsbook wagers however we’ll have a little fun taking Boston to cover -4 on spread, The Bulls and Pistons under total points, and Phoenix big over the Milwaukee Bucks. While there may not  be a consistent flow of top games for watching each night, you can always find a few great opportunities in the NBA in one of the top sportsbooks reviewed here, and add a little excitement to a Monday’s return to work.

With a smattering of great match-ups for NHL Hockey, including Vancouver vs. Nashville and Calgary vs. Colorado, as well as the Premier League contest between Manchester City and Blackburn, catch a well-rounded selection of sports bets today, and hopefully score yourself more fuel for your online sports betting fire! Manchester City is heavy favorite to win today, and for good reason. However, it would be quite nice to sneak them into another parlay wager, combine a few hockey games, as well as some NCAA Basketball….and poof! Instant exciting, and potentially profitable Monday night! I’ll just have to double back into my account and squeeze one more bet off before it’s too late. Join me at for tonight’s action, thanks for stopping by, and catch you again soon!

Aaron G.