Sunday NFL Playoff action highlights sportsbook betting …

For football fans, today is certainly one of the best days of the week, being as though today offers two exciting NFL playoff match-ups for watching and wagering on. With an early start this morning, I’ve found myself plopped on the couch, taking a few additional wagers out in anticipation, and listening to the sports pundits do their little song and dance before the games begin. As seems to be customary for betting on sports during playoff seasons, each and every team is represented in today online sports wagers, taking place at Players Only sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>). One of our best online sports betting sites reviewed, the Playersonly Sportsbook proves itself year after year to be a reliable, easy-to-use, and exciting addition to all the sports action happening every day. For today’s bets on sports, check out, and find out why we list it amongst the best sports books anywhere on the web.

Breaking down the action in the NFL, first off the Minnesota Vikings play host to the Dallas Cowboys, with a pretty large advantage playing at Mall of America Field for the Vikes (who are 8-0 this year there). It’s Bret Favre’s legacy vs. Dallas’ playoff woes today, and my money says the old dog will have his day in this one. Defense will certainly be key in this one, but as the last two dome games has shown, it’s the team whose offense comes to play who will end up moving on to the next round of the playoffs. Moving on to the afternoon game, the San Diego Chargers host the New York Jets, in an interesting challenge for the underdog Jets. Having relatively no offense, the Jet must be able to play exceptional defense, and get Thomas Jones going early to stay close. If the Jets keep the Chargers playing their style of ball (basically 3 and out over and over, field goal, and/or a running TD here and there), they stand a chance. However if Phillip Rivers throws for three TDs while not getting pressured enough, it’s going to be a runaway game for the Chargers.

Make sure to also check out a few NCAA Basketball games, including the early match-up pitting Georgetown against Villanova, as well as the pair of NBA games (Toronto vs. Dallas, Utah vs. Denver, which should be a good one), for online sports betting today. A few NHL games, as well as Premier League Football getting underway already should round out sports betting for Sunday, and today there is no better place to get your action in than at Until tomorrow, enjoy the games, enjoy a new sportsbook if it’s your first visit here, and good luck as always!

Aaron G.