A mountain of NCAA, NBA basketball to start sportsbook …

After a typically pretty ho-hum week of sports contests this week, waking up and finding a ridiculous selection of sports bets available for NCAA and NBA basketball, NFL and European football,  AND NHL hockey today is pretty much a sports fans best dream come true! 142 games in College Hoops will be the big chunk of the action online today at the top sports betting sites, and though having already placed a few wagers early last night for European football, and NCAA basketball to break down the mass into two manageable chunks, I’m ready for even more parlay wagering today before the early games commence! With a trip to the Diamond Sportsbook (<a href=”http://casinoreview.org/sports_betting/2betdsi.html”>read the review of Diamond Sportsbook</a>) today, online sports betting is quick and easy, with access to all kinds of trends, stats, and other handy information that will help guide you too some well-selected wagers. With their 12th year in the game, time does tell, and it tells a good story for Diamond Sportsbook. Use it today, and trust that this is one of the best online sports betting websites anywhere.

For starters, check out Top 25 action in NCAA hoops, with games like #1 Texas vs. #21 Connecticut being my most highly anticipated game of the day, followed with other great match-ups including #6 Duke at #16 Clemson in a big ACC battle, #12 West Virginia hosting #25 Ohio State and #9 Kansas State looking to fend off an unranked, but 14-4 Oklahoma State team. Exciting action and great potential for earnings await those looking to do a little betting on sports for NCAA basketball today. Switching to the NBA, find 10 more games to choose from, with the Orlando Magic looking to break Charlotte’s dominance on home court, the Cavaliers hosting a surging Oklahoma City, and the Hornets vs. Nuggets to round out the best games of the day. For online sports betting, basketball is as exciting as it gets, with quick scoring, fast-paced action, and many less variables being an indoor game. With 152 games for basketball wagering in total, start licking those chops, and get into the wagering fun right now!

With 12 games in the NHL as well today, hockey fans will also be happy with today’s selection, as there are so many great teams playing, and a couple of key games to look out for when betting on sports. For once in one seems a lifetime, the Los Angeles Kings travel to Detroit with a better record than the Red Wings, and (gulp) my blessing for sports betting at the Diamond Sportsbook. Washington hosts a great game with the Phoenix Coyotes in town, the two best teams in the league, San Jose and Buffalo, get underway, and Vancouver hosts Chicago in a game close to my heart, and hometown. If you haven’t tried your luck wagering on NHL hockey, preview the action with betting trends and analysis from online journalists, then take your best stab for a new type of sports betting today. Any which way you cut it, online sportsbook is a great and exciting way to add to a Saturday afternoon, and there is no better place to play than at Diamond Sportsbook!

Aaron G.