NFL Championship Sunday games featured for sports betting …

While the weekend has come and gone again much too quickly, at least for this week, sports fans get to have two great games to watch and wager on as the AFC and NFC Championship games get underway in just a few short hours. Being the two most wagered on games this week in the online sports betting websites reviewed here, there’s no way I at least can get around placing a few additional wagers right before kickoff. For the best online sportsbook featured in today’s wagering, I’m taking a trip to the sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>). With a great reputation, an easy to use website, and good bonuses offered at, I for one have no problem clicking over to their site, and placingĀ  the first sports bets of the day right there. Between the AFC game between the Indianapolis Colts and the underdog New York Jets, to the flip-the-coin-see-what-happens contest between the New Orleans Saints and the Minnesota Vikings, two exciting wagers are just the tip of the iceberg for betting on sports on Sunday!

I’ll spare you too much additional analysis of these games, and call it like I see it. Indy over New York, and New Orleans over Minnesota. Two indoor games, two big scoring contests, two home teams victorious. There’s just something to be said about post season in a closed stadium, playing at home. Three great quarterbacks (with the other a potential great in the making) who will likely throw for 300 + yards each is what I’m hoping on this Sunday, as my wagers say lots of points in each game, and the favored to win, well, winning. Peyton Manning is a 4-time MVP for a reason; no matter what the package is on the field, and regardless of the quality of the secondary playing defense, I’ve never seen a more natural quarterback (except for perhaps Drew Brees) manage a game in the way Manning does. Drew Brees is playing at home with an even more powerful offense than Minnesota has (provided of course New Orleans has a strategy to lock down A. Peterson, which may not even matter), and if this rings true…boy do we have one hell of a SuperBowl XLIV. For the best online sportsbook wagering today, make sure to get in yours on these two games for certain.

In other great sports betting action at the top online sportsbook at, check out some great basketball action, with a few games in the NBA (3), and a handful of Top 25 action in NCAA hoops today as well. Look for a couple of potential upset games in the NCAA, as Seton Hall hosts #11 Pittsburgh, with the Panthers coming off a tough loss to Georgetown, and #18 Georgia Tech having to travel to Florida State to take on a Seminole team looking to get back into the Top 25. With more NHL Hockey, as well as a ton of great Football action in Europe as the Coupe de France and Italian Serie A games are just the start of sportsbook betting fun! Enjoy the action, enjoy the remainder of the weekend, and thanks for checking out the best online sportsbooks reviewed at!

Aaron G.