Sportsbook betting action for Thursday at

Yet another weekend approaches, and not a moment too soon! Thursday starts off as a solid day for betting on sports at one of the top sportsbooks reviewed on our site, and for any sports fan, finding something worth wagering on shouldn’t be any problem, especially when going to one of the best online sportsbooks with one of the most eclectic offerings found anywhere on the web. sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) has been a favorite of mine for years, adding a little comedic relief to the average wagering day. With the usual bevy of sports betting options standard, sportsbook also adds great non-sports wagering options, just in case you might feel like wagering on something completely ridiculous at one time or another. For Thursday, count on sportsbook to be your one stop shop for all the day’s action, backed up by a great track record, and one of the easiest (if a little dated) websites to navigate.

Getting things started today with NBA hoops action for betting on sports, just three games are in action, but a couple greats are amongst the mix. The Orlando Magic take on the Boston Celtics, as both teams look for their 30th win of the season on top of their respective divisions. With Kevin Garnett back in the line-up for the Celtics, but not yet at 100%, I give the nod to the Magic, anchored by Rashard Lewis and Dwight Howard. In the second big game of the evening, the Dallas Mavericks head down to Phoenix to do battle with the Suns, in what typically means a high scoring affair in excess of 200 points. While the Suns can’t seem to do anything on the road this year, or on defense for that matter,  however they seem to be able to at least score enough points at home to win on just about any night against any opponent. I’ll give the nod to Phoenix, and hope for at least a little D in this one. With the Raptors playing great ball recently with Chris Bosh just tearing opposing teams up, the New York Knicks will have to counter with high scoring offense…something they aren’t accustomed to. Expect to see some points score in this game, as neither team focus on the defense, while the Knicks keep it close on home court.

For NCAA basketball games, 67 contests are in action for online sports betting, including Top 25 action as #16 Wisconsin travels to face #12 Purdue in a Big Ten showdown. With great games in all corners of the U.S. today, there’s no doubt that the sportsbook will have some wagers worth your while to provide an exciting addition to watching today’s sports competitions. With a handful of NHL Hockey games to mull over, including the Ottawa Senators looking for their 8th straight against a big challenge in the Pittsburgh Penguins, as well as the San Jose Sharks hosting the Chicago Blackhawks, there’s no better time than now to try your luck on the fastest sport around. With more and more action each and every day at, find out why this website is one of the best online sportsbooks, making it simple, quick and easy to jump into all or some of the games taking place.

Aaron G.