Sunday hosts NFL Pro Bowl, Basketball, Hockey and more …

With another short weekend coming and going rather quickly, at least sports fans can revel in the opportunity for betting on sports, at one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed right here. With a host of options today including the NFL Pro Bowl, as well as continuing NBA and NCAA basketball action, and also NHL Hockey and Futbol action all over Europe, it’s a great day for testing your luck today! For today’s betting on sports, we’re traveling to the sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), for all bets placed today. One of the finer online sports books reviewed, sportsbook can be relied on for great service, easy betting, and sure payouts each and every time. If you’ve yet to get into the world of online sportsbook betting, make your first stop at a classic, at

With my attention turned mainly on basketball today (admittedly never much cared for the Pro Bowl), you can find 9 games in the NBA, including key match-ups like Boston hosting the Los Angeles Lakers, San Antonio facing Denver, and the Rockets at home against the Suns. What continues to astonish me in this bunch is the road record of the Phoenix Suns, which presently stands at 9-15. Giving up massive points in each game has been a red flag for taking an over wager on total points, provided the Suns play a team with a good scoring presence. With Aaron Brooks leading a surprisingly strong Rockets attack minus Tracy McGready and Yao Ming, I like the Rockets chances, and expect to see some busted total points wagers tonight. The OKC Thunder should be a shoo-in win taking on Golden State, and the Raptors and Pacers should also see heavy scoring in the light of lackluster defenses on both sides. Anyway your bets fall today, get in on the NBA action at the top sportsbook at before the early games get underway!

For NCAA Hoops, 29 games in total, including 7 games with Top 25 teams in them stand out for betting on sports. Florida tests out #14 Tennessee, and South Florida has the upset alert on as they host #17 Pittsburgh on home court. In the NHL, just about every game today is a great one, with match-ups including the Devils vs. Kings, Red Wings and Penguins and Coyotes vs. Stars. With Futbol ever-present for fans of the European and South American leagues, find a slew of games from one side of the world to the other, to provide you with plenty of excitement on Sunday. Thanks for stopping in for our reviews of the best online sportsbook, checking on sportsbook, and good luck in all your wagers any way you place them!

Aaron G.