Final Week of NFL Football, NBA, NHL games pick up where …

It’s seems like just yesterday the first kick-off of the NFL season was getting underway…and lo and behold 17 weeks later it’s only a few ticks of a clock from being done once more! While I for one have enjoyed every NFL Football Sunday all year, I will say that the looming playoffs may come with some tough sportsbook betting calls, as few teams have been able to be called a sure bet in this professional league during this year of play. With plenty of teams on the fence one way or another heading into Week 17′s Sunday match-ups (remember, no Monday Night Football this week, boo!), it’s definitely worth a trip to one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here, and throwing down your picks for the final regular season games ahead. Though having playoffs ahead certainly remains an exciting prospect for football fans, once today’s games have concluded, it’ll be another 8 months or so before the NFL is back in business! Therefore, kicking off the exciting sports action today after a great afternoon and evening of College Football, we’ll look for the best picks to secure wins in Week 17, and hopefully get lucky with a home team wiggling into the playoffs (my 6-9 Seahawks still stand a shot today, how sad). With the sportsbooks open for action as always, I have bolstered the online account at the Betonline Sportsbook (read the review of Betonline Sportsbook) for all the best picks taking place today, so it’s time to break down the options for betting on sports in the hopes of cashing in on the concluding NFL season.

Starting with the Seattle Seahawks today, I’m more or less making a bet based on favoritism, not wits to take the Hawks over the visiting St. Louis Rams. The Rams have the nod with the better offense behind Sam Bradford and star running back Steven Jackson, and one would have to admit St. Louis is better on defense as well. However, with the 12th man in effect at Qwest Field in Seattle today, it’s anyone’s ball game, and a guy can still hope that his awful team might actually make the playoffs with a losing record right? Right. On to the next pick, check out a big showdown as the Green Bay Packers host the Chicago Bears, with Aaron Rodgers looking to lead his team back to the postseason after a season plagued by tough injuries. However, if there is one combination that can get it done today, it’s the high-flying defense anchored by Clay Matthews, and Aaron Rodgers behind center at home. Chicago has proven it has trouble scoring when Jay Cutler is under pressure, and you can expect lots of pressure in a high stakes game for the Packers today. In a bitter cold game, expect a low scoring affair, and a good shot at a Packers win, and/or the under bet on total points as both defenses should be in top form. In other important match-ups, watching for Peyton Manning to lead his Colts back to the playoffs once again, as they host the faltering Tennessee Titans, as well as plenty of great divisional games (meaningful or not) which should make for a fun way to close out the NFL season this year.

With even more online sportsbook betting available on the NHL, NBA, and College Hoops today, a break from College Football truly isn’t so bad, and honestly offers a nice change of pace from all the Bowl hooplah. With 8 games in NHL Hockey including prime match-ups between Philadelphia and Detroit, Atlanta at Montreal, Vancouver at Colorado and Dallas at St. Louis to name a few, hockey action should be great tonight, and worthy of a few looks at the sportsbook today. Also keep in mind a number of lopsided NBA games in store, which might make for a few good parlay wagering chances, as should be the case in NCAA Basketball as well. Check out all the best games and the best betting choices at Betonline Sportsbook today, and see why this newcomer has already shown itself to be a top sportsbook for any type of sports fan. Enjoy the first Sunday of the New Year, enjoy all the great action in store in our best online sportsbooks reviewed, and thanks for stopping by!

Aaron G.