sportsbook takes our bets for Tuesday’s …

For Tuesday, we kick off yet another day of great online sports betting action, starting the sports betting off right with one of our best online sports betting sites at (read the review of One of the very best sportsbooks you can find anywhere on the web, was the first, and the most consistently used online sports betting sites in my repertoire, and over time has proven to be the most reliable places for betting on sports that you’ll find anywhere. With a very easy to use website, I’m normally in and out in a few minutes, after reviewing some trends, and placing my wagers using their simply-designed interface. For today, the holds some NBA, NCAA, NHL action, and even a few matches worth taking a look at as the 2011 AFC Asian Cup continues early today, all which should make for an exciting addition to watching any of your favorite sporting events later on in the day.

Getting started with a few opening bets on the opening matches in Asian cup play today, it’s been a successful series of wagers taking any team outside the Middle East to prevail in competition, and especially keeping an eye on the Japanese, South Koreans and Australians to dominate the tournament this far. In today’s two matches available for online sports betting at sportsbook, first off Australia looks to head off Bahrain, which is one of the better teams in the region, and South Korea should have no troubles fending off India, which stands little to no chance of advancement this year with the amateur squad they have fielded. Sticking with philosophy, I’ll take South Korea with a 2-goal advantage over India, and look for Australia to hold Bahrain scoreless towards a 1-0 or 2-0 victory to start out today’s wagers. As this competition wears on and more games are played, keep tabs on the best teams in the tournament to find your winners week in and week out when wagering on this special occasion Soccer tournament. Adding in a little more action to a Soccer fans’ betting ticket, look for English FA Cup play continuing today as well, with lopsided games as English Premier League teams dip down into low competition, and should all prevail heavily in matches today (Manchester City, Stoke and Wolves all in action ahead).

Moving to Basketball action on Tuesday, its’ a small fixture of games on tap in the NBA, with only 2 in store for online sports betting today. However, it’s two good chances to make some added cash betting on sports, as the Miami Heat host the Atlanta Hawks and Chicago takes on Charlotte, who has been playing better as of late. Miami looks primed to continue their strong play at home with the return to action of LeBron James, and while I can’t say Charlotte stands a great chance at winning, I like the better play behind D.J. Augustin and their new head coach, which should be enough to help the Bobcats cover the points spread given at today. Onto NCAA basketball action on Tuesday, look for a great clash as #22 Illinois hosts #18 Michigan State, with the Spartans in my opinion still being one of the two most overrated teams in the Top 25 this year (the other being Georgetown). With a few more unranked teams in competition today making for a total of 16 games around the NCAA, find at least one or two good picks worthy of sportsbook betting on basketball. Lastly, close out your betting ticket with a bet or two on the 10 games on tap for NHL Hockey, as plenty of options should give you a line on a good way to make some additional cash on the fastest sport around. Until posting again tomorrow, thanks for stopping by, good luck in your wagers, and we’ll catch you here again soon.

Aaron G.