NBA, NCAA Basketball, NFL Playoffs ahead for betting on …

After a solid week of online sports betting closed out with a light day of action on Friday, waking up and finding a ridiculous selection of sports bets available for NCAA and NBA basketball, NFL and European football, AND NHL hockey today is pretty much a sports fans best dream come true! 145 games in College Hoops will be the big chunk of the action online today at the top sports betting sites, and though having already placed a few wagers early last night for European football, and NCAA basketball to break down the mass into two manageable chunks, I’m ready for even more parlay wagering today before the early games commence! With a trip to the Diamond Sportsbook (read the review of Diamond Sportsbook) today, online sports betting is quick and easy, with access to all kinds of trends, stats, and other handy information that will help guide you too some well-selected wagers. With their 13th year in the game, time does tell, and it tells a good story for Diamond Sportsbook. Use it today, and trust that this is one of the best online sports betting websites anywhere.

For starters, check out Top 25 action in NCAA hoops, starting with the #1 team in the nation, Ohio State, getting a tough challenge on the road at Champagne, Ill facing the #22-ranked Fighting Illini. As the undefeated crowd slims down more and more, this may very well be the next one to go, as it’s been typical that top teams struggle on the road against good opponents more often than not. Adding to the pressure on the undefeated list today, #2 Kansas gets perhaps an even bigger challenge hosting #11 Texas and looking to keep their win streak active to 70 games at home. Without a doubt, it would be a wise bet to figure one of these undefeated teams is going down today, and for the first wager on the day, money says it’s going to be the team on the road, Ohio State, that suffers the setback of the weekend against a good Illinois squad. If you don’t feel like dancing with the undefeated teams today, look to a great match-up between #7 Villanova and #3 Syracuse, in what should arguably be one of the most anticipated games of the weekend, as two Big East powehouses battle it out in Orange country today. Syracuse runs a powerful 2-3 zone which opponents have struggled with, but with the 3-ball ability of ‘Nova coming into town, this may very well be down to the wire as well today. I like both these teams to make an Elite 8 appearance in the NCAA Tournament this year (provided they don’t run into each other too early, which shouldn’t happen given their likely high seeds), but today I have to side with Jim Boeheim’s crew at home, in front of more than 30,000 rocking Orangemen fans. With plenty of Top 25 action around the NCAA today, check out the overwhelming supply of great games for sportsbook betting at the Diamond Sportsbook, but remember to leave room for action in other sports before your betting ticket is totally filled up!

With 11 games in the NHL, hockey fans will also be happy with today’s selection, as there are so many great teams playing, and a couple of key games to look out for when betting on sports. Finding the best match-ups on the ice today, look for the exciting match-up between Chicago and Detroit, along with San Jose looking for their 4th straight as they host Minnesota, and an always high-scoring affair as Calgary heads to take on divisional foe Vancouver. Over in the NBA this afternoon and evening, count on another 13 games to help out with some additional wagering choices, with exciting contests between New Orleans and San Antonio, Oklahoma City and New York, and Atlanta looking to rebound immediately against Charlotte after suffering one of the worst losses in history yesterday against New Orleans. With plenty of other action early on for English Premier League Soccer as well as AFC Asian Cup competition, there’s no shortage of match-ups for any type of sports fan to get into the action, so any which way you cut it, online sportsbook is a great and exciting way to add to a Saturday afternoon, and there is no better place to play than at Diamond Sportsbook. Lastly sports fans, make sure to get those wagers in for tomorrow’s big NFL Conference Championship games, as the Green Bay Packers hold a slight advantage over the Chicago Bears, and the Pittsburgh Steelers do as well over the visiting New York Jets. It’ll be a great day for sports both today and tomorrow, and you certainly won’t want to miss out on some of the best action we’ve seen in the new year to date right now at Diamond Sportsbook!

Aaron G.