NFL Pro Bowl, NHL All-Star game, Basketball on tap at …

Though the weekend has already come and gone all too quickly, at least Sunday presents us sports fans with an opportunity to indulge in the speculation of games without actual meaning, but with the best players in a given sport showing off their talents in a light-hearted atmosphere rarely seen in professional sports throughout the year. With only a few great options for online sports betting available for bettors today, we’ll turn to the playful contests getting underway this afternoon, including the NFL Pro Bowl, and the NHL All-Star game, followed by a bit of wagering on the NBA Basketball games scheduled and even a couple of NCAA College hoops games as well. For betting on sports on whatever action is available, we’re traveling to the sportsbook (read the review of for all bets placed today. One of the finer online sports books reviewed, can be relied on for great service, easy betting, and sure payouts each and every time. If you’ve yet to get into the world of online sportsbook betting, make your first stop at a classic, at, an industry leader for over a decade, and one of the very best online sports betting sites we’ve reviewed all-time here on our website.

Starting off the wagering with the playful bets available on the Pro Bowl and the NHL All-Star Game, we’ll make a couple quick decisions in these two coin flip contests, as you never really know to what end the games will turn out. Typically however, scoring is the name of the game as defense slacks off, and the offenses show off their skills in the midst of a care-free atmosphere of laughs and rare intra-team camaraderie. As mentioned yesterday, we’re sticking firm with the NHL All-Star game on the over/under, which is set at 16.5, a monster total during a regular season game, but for the All-Stars, an easily reachable feat as in years past it’s been common to see 10 + goals per side in this competition. Having no reasonable stats to back either Team Lidstrom from the Western Conference, or Team Staal from the Eastern group, we’ll stay away from speculation on who’ll come out on top, and root for both teams to simply score at will throughout the contest today. Onto the Pro-Bowl, a typically much less exciting game as the hits disappear and joking around trumps professionalism, look for big plays to push the points total clear of the over/under for the football game as well, as the top passers, rushers, and receivers dominate the attention in Hawaii this year. Always fun fanfare for either football or hockey fans, take a small stab at these two games for a playful introduction to the options available for betting on sports today at

With my attention turned mainly on basketball today, you can find 7 games in the NBA, including key match-ups like the Los Angeles Lakers playing host to the Boston Celtics, Oklahoma City bringing in the Miami Heat for an exciting showdown, and the Phoenix Suns try to hand New Orleans a second straight loss after coming off a 10 game win streak. In the first match-up between the Lakers and the Celtics, a great NBA Finals rematch should have the majority of the sportsbook bets for Sunday, with Boston undoubtedly bringing a chip on their shoulder to the game. After showing pretty poor form against Sacramento this weekend, we’ll look for Los Angeles to rebound against the Celtics, and reset their winning ways starting at home today. For the OKC vs. Miami contest, the Heat get back to full strength as the Big Three reunite for the game, and will be tough for the Thunder defense to keep in check. However, expect a close game as OKC plays solid ball against top teams at home, but Miami gets our pick to emerge victorious in the match-up today. Lastly for our wagers on the NBA, we’re going with high scoring as both teams will likely be pressing the offense in today’s game, and Phoenix always struggles to contain top teams from hitting the century mark in their own house. We’ll take another Suns choke in the 4th quarter to be the difference in the game, and put the Hornets back to winning ways today.

For NCAA Hoops, find a couple of Top 25 teams in competition this afternoon, first with #3 Duke getting an interesting road visit to St. Johns, as the Johnnies look for their 3rd victory against top ranked teams in the nation. With Duke a favorite to win, and with the way the Top 25 has fared this weekend, we’ll take St. Johns to cover the spread at, as they no doubt will be in top form in an attempt to upset the visiting Blue Devils. In the second game featuring a Top 25 team, #17 Washington heads towards the Palouse for a Pac-10 battle with rival Washington State, one of the more pesky teams in the league to visit. Being a Husky at heart, I have to back the Dawgs to win today, but this season the Cougars are an underrated team, especially when playing at home. As both teams have solid scoring threats in this match-up, the over wager on total points also looms as a tantalizing options for betting on sports today as well. With these games and more available at the top sportsbook at, close our your weekend with a few exciting wagers, kick back for a relaxing day filled with playful competition in the NHL All-Star game and NFL Pro Bowl, and get set for another great week of sports and online sports betting in the days to come.

Aaron G.