January ends with a new week of sportsbook betting on …

This month certainly has flown right by, and in reflection we’re confident that the month ahead will bring us even more exciting options for online sports betting, as both the NBA and NHL move well past the half-way marks, College Basketball gets closer and closer to March Madness, and for the coming week, Super Bowl XLV continues to keep the best online sportsbooks buzzing with more traffic than any other time during the NFL season. One thing is for certain this week, if you haven’t already done so, set a reminder to get your wager(s) in for the biggest sports betting day of the year, as the storied Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers dynasties will provide a great set-up and no doubt the most watched Super Bowl game in history. While we’ve already gotten into a bit of wagering for the big game ahead, we’re kicking off the week with another take on the Super Bowl match-up, this time at the top online sports betting site at Betus.com sportsbook (read the review of Betus.com). With props available for literally everything you can think of in addition to the actual betting lines, take a look over all the options Bet US has set up for you, including a new feature of team total points that enables you to wager on your favorite team regardless of whether you think they’ll win or not. Green Bay has remained the favorite with 2.5 points on the spread for the game, but with Pittsburgh getting +120 on the Moneyline, plenty of cash will be flowing towards the Steelers this week, in the hopes that they will either prevail, or make this game a tight one inside one field goal.

With the opening bet for the day going out on the limb for the under wager on Pittsburgh’s team points total (set at -105 for under 21), we’ll keep our faith in the Packers’ outstanding defense, as well as a timid start for both teams to dictate a lower points total than expected in this year’s final showdown. Though both offenses have outstanding weaponry at their disposal, we’ll remain sure-footed in the belief that defense will win games, and that between two of the best defenses in the league, high scoring will be out of the picture. With the wager down on Monday, we’ll move on towards the other options for online sports betting at Bet US, starting off with continued action in the NBA featuring another 7 games on tap. In our first wager on the day, we have to go with the Miami Heat to make yet another statement against LeBron James’ former team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. After dismantling the Cavs on their home court by more than 30 in their first meeting this year, we’ll go with a high 17.5 points on the point spread for Miami to be the right call to make as the Heat will only be better at home with their full lineup on call. For the next pick on the day, we’re going with the underdog as the New Jersey Nets host the Denver Nuggets, with the Nets no doubt gunning for Carmelo Anthony after failed trade talks for the player have left a sour note. Denver has also been terrible on the road, losing huge to Philly yesterday by a score of 110-99, and with a +135 for the Nets on the Moneyline, it’s our underdog wager of the day.

Continuing with a few more wagering possibilities for the NBA today, check out Orlando as a 1.5 point underdog at Memphis to be a solid wagering option, as well as Charlotte to rebound against a Deron Williams-less Utah Jazz in what will likely be a close contest as the Bobcats come in reenergized after a tough loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Saturday. Moving to wagers on NCAA Basketball, find a great match-up between #8 Texas and #11 Texas A&M, as well as #19 Louisville and #20 Georgetown to be on the top of the list for sports betting options at Bet US sportsbook today. Texas A&M gets a tight underdog listing at home in the in-state match-up today, but once again with the way Top 25 teams have played on the road, we’ll bank with the home team to prevail in this huge Big 12 showdown. In the second match-up, Louisville comes in as a 4.5 point underdog, and a great +165 on the Moneyline today that is almost too enticing to pass up, given the up and down nature of the Hoyas this season. At any rate, make sure to set aside a little room for the upcoming restart of the NHL Hockey season tomorrow, as 13 games get underway and should be prime opportunities to capitalize on a couple of teams looking to start the second half off right. Until tomorrow, enjoy your wagering at BetUs.com, one of the best sportsbooks we’ve ever reviewed, and we’ll catch you again soon for more of the best picks available at the top sportsbooks found right here.

Aaron G.