You can’t win ‘em all, but online sports …

There are great days of online sportsbook betting, and then there are some days that you wish you would have hopped into an online casino instead of wagering on sports. Tuesday’s betting on sports for this writer happened to head a bit south for my sportsbook betting, as a couple of wagers placed at decided to end badly late in the evening with two West Coast games collapsing a pair of parlay bets. For wagering action last night, I chose to go with a couple three team parlay bets, wagering a small five dollar bet on each of them. After winning a little extra cash over the weekend before heading on vacation, there certainly wasn’t anything more at stake other than a bit of already won money in my account. Besides, I’ve happened to have had good luck recently betting on Major League Baseball, and the parlay wager has been back in my corner as a quick, cheap way to make a bit of extra cash online.

For the first wager of the day the right decision to take Daisuke Matsuzaka of the Boston Red Sox against the struggling Devil Rays seemed easy enough. Also adding the Cincinnati Reds to overcome the San Francisco Giants and the Mariners over the Royals, this seemed like a good bet to start out with. Although both the Reds and the Red Sox came through with flying colors, my choice for Seattle to get back at Kansas City for ending their streak went sour. Kansas City just destroyed the M’s 17-3 scoring 10 runs in the first two innings to crush my first parlay wager. To repeat the same story over again, I chose right bets with Colorado and the L.A. Dodgers to win, but another AL west team disappointed. The L.A. Angels have been spiraling out of control heading towards the All-Star break, and an 8-3 loss to last place Texas neither helps the halos or my sportsbook account. At the end of the day, it’s only 10 bucks total, but a bruised ego is always a little rough to get over.

Such is the life of online sportsbook wagering. You win some and you lose some, however, for this writer, as long as the wins come before the losses it really makes little difference to me. I love betting online on Major League Baseball, even if some days are better than others. Besides, when online sports betting gets a little tiring there’s always the multitude of great online casinos to choose from here at Hopefully your luck was a little better than mine was today, but you and I both know I’ll be back at in again tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow�Happy Fourth of July everyone! Make sure to place your online sportsbook bets early and enjoy the festivities planned in your area. Stay tuned for more sports betting updates then, and from all of us here, thanks for checking out our website, where you can find the best online sportsbooks and casinos offered anywhere.

Aaron G.