Sunday’s online sports betting before the MLB …

With the Major League Baseball All-Star break upon us, today is the last day for betting on baseball before the Home Run Derby on Monday night, and the All-Star game on Tuesday night take over for the usual onslaught of betting choices for the MLB. Luckily for baseball and sports betting fans alike, Sunday evening will feature some great match-ups for our online sportsbook betting, including fifteen MLB games, which will undoubtedly show off some of the firepower to come in the upcoming All-Star game. As teams approach the half way point of the season, it always seems as though the spotlight tightens on Major League Baseball, and players who have made it into the All-Star game like to show off why they were put there. Not only with great players performing on Sunday, there will be a couple of contests that you won’t want to miss out on, especially if you are planning to do a little betting on sports for Sunday’s games.

First up for online sportsbook betting today will have to be on the Boston vs. Detroit game, in which the Tigers will be looking to grasp firm control of the AL Central, provided they can pull out a win at home. If the Tigers win, they will inch to a 52-34 win-loss which would be within a game of the best record in the Major Leagues with the Boston Red Sox. It will be a tough game to make the correct wagering call on, as Tiger pitcher Nate Robertson goes up against Dice-K Matsuzaka. Both pitchers have been difficult to bet with, although Matsuzaka does hold the better ERA and record between the two hurlers. Nonetheless, for tonight I’m betting with the Detroit Tigers on gut instinct alone, going over to (<a href=””>read the review of BetUS</a>) for the wager. Consistently one of the best online sportsbooks available on the internet, always offers great wagering choices, a great website layout for easy navigation, and the best customer service. Besides that, I’ve also racked up some pretty good dough on their site in the last year, and I consider it my luck four leaf clover of online sports betting sites.

Other great baseball games in store for today feature the L.A. Angels up against the New York Yankees, as well as the Seattle Mariners who have traveled down the west coast for a game with the Oakland Athletics. Seattle is looking for a three game sweep of the A’s, which would put them within 2.5 games of the Angels, provided the Yanks pull off a win at home tonight. AL West baseball will continue to be hot, especially as Oakland is always known as a late-in-the-season rally team. Check out these games and many others available at our best sportsbook websites here at to make your Sunday afternoon a little more exciting, and possibly a lot more profitable.

Aaron G.