Outstanding All-Star game gives sports fans plenty of drama

The All-Star break got off to a little bit of a rough start on Monday evening, as the home run derby failed to live up to the great displays of power seen in previous years. However, Tuesday was a different story, as the All-Star game got underway under a beautiful San Francisco setting and brought out all the MLB heavy hitters and hard pitchers in what would definitely be a special game. For online sports betting on this game, it would be hard for any fan to bet against the American League team, who on Tuesday night would look for their tenth straight victory in the last 11 years (remember the debacle of the notorious 2002 tie in Milwaukee). Though my online sports betting would be based more on the fact that I’m an American League type of baseball fan, this win streak would have to be considered when placing the bet for this game at Betus.com. With the AL favored for this match-up, it would take a fair chunk of change to see a decent profit on the game, so a twenty dollar bet went down on the table, in the hopes that some of my hometown Mariners would have an impact on this game.

Probably two of the most exciting moments of this game happened at the hands of the Seattle Mariners delegates, namely Ichiro Suzuki and J.J. Putz. With Ichiro coming to the game on a spirit-lifting new contract valued at $100 million over five years, he spent no time proving why he deserves that kind of cash. Hitting the only inside the park home run in All-Star Game history last night, Ichiro finished 3-3 with 2 RBI to claim the All-Star MVP Tuesday night and gave the fans a display of just how good he really is. On the other side of the ball, AL coach Jim Leyland handed the ball to J.J. Putz in the 9th inning, as his perfect save record would be more than enough to put him on the mound to close the game with a 5-2 lead. Quickly nabbing 2 outs, Dmitri Young would seem to be the final at bat of the night, until a snubbed grounder deflected off Brian Roberts’ glove at second, giving the NL just a sliver of hope. The next batter up, Alfonso Soriano, proved that little mistakes can be huge and that no lead is ever safe, especially when you have the best players in the game all on the same field.

Alfonso Soriano put a 96 mph fastball deep to opposite field to make the score 5-4. Quickly after, Putz could not get out of the inning, and Francisco Rodriguez was called to finish the game off. The drama increased as the bases were quickly loaded on walks, leaving Aaron Rowand of the Phillies with a final shot to undo the AL win streak and be a hero for the evening. Unfortunately for Rowand and the NL, a drive to right ended up firmly in Alex Rios’ glove, quickly ending all hopes of a NL comeback. Nonetheless, it was a fantastic end to a well-played game, and my sigh of relief ended with a bit more change in one of my favorite online sportsbooks at Betus.com. I hope that you all were able to check out this year’s All-Star Game, and also hope that the right wagers came around for you. It’ll be back to full-steam MLB action soon, were you can find and wager on all the great action at our best online sports betting sites featured here at CasinoReview.org.

Aaron G.