Sports update with MLB baseball on hold for one more day

Admittedly, it feels a little bit strange to not have a full array of Major League Baseball available for wagering on in online sports betting sites, however while the MLB takes it’s last day off, the world of sports goes on with pending transactions, and shifting focus to different sports leagues around the world. First issue of noteworthiness is a major penalty handed down to the Oklahoma Sooners football team, who on Wednesday was forced to forfeit all 2005 games played with QB Rhett Bomar, and lineman J.D. Quinn. The Sooners finished the season with an 8-4 record and beat Oregon in the Holiday Bowl to end the 2005 season. Records from that season involving those two players must be erased, the NCAA said, and Coach Bob Stoops’ career record will be amended to reflect the erased wins, dropping it from 86-19 in eight seasons to 78-19. The ruling came after the NCAA found the two players guilty of being paid for work at a car dealership, also reflecting on the school’s inability or, ‘failure to monitor’ player employment. A harsh ruling indeed, as two scholarships will be lost in two different seasons, which may or may not affect the Sooners’ ability to continue being a football juggernaut.

A few deals have been negotiated throughout the professional leagues, namely with Ichiro Suzuki’s 5 year, 100 million dollar contract extension having sports writers, fans and general managers up in arms about player salaries once again. David Samson, the Florida Marlins president lashed out calling the deal ‘crazy’ referring to Suzuki being 33 years of age, although Ichiro’s continued numbers would easily prove him wrong. Call it a little back pay as well; since signing for 10 million a year in 2001, Ichiro is first in the majors in hits and batting average, and ranking near the top in steals and total bases. We can only wait to see what this will mean for A-rod’s contract, which could easily clip the 30 million mark as the Yankees will look to keep one of the best players to ever play the game. Elsewhere in signings, the Cleveland Indians extended Travis Hafner’s contract giving him 57 million over four years in the designated hitter position. If Ichiro’s contract is ludicrous, I’m not even sure what to call this, as Hafner’s performance has dwindled quite a bit after having an All-Star year last year with a .308 average, 42 jacks, and 117 RBIs.

Sports have always have inflated contracts that seem to never cease to drop jaws, and no where is this more noticeable than in Major League Baseball. While quieter leagues such as the NHL have seemingly big signings such as 19 year old Sydney Crosby, the league’s MVP who just recently signed a deal worth a little over 10 million a year, the NBA and MLB show just how much money is really at stake in the more popular leagues. With online sportsbook betting, we are all looking to cash in on a little bit as well, as we all know that money makes the world go round. So head on to one of our best online sportsbooks and casinos featured here at, a get ready for the second half of the MLB season to kick back in high gear. It will certainly be a great time for betting on sports at our top sportsbooks, so pick your winners, and get some of that cash that rightly belongs in the hands of the fans that make sports, and these ridiculous contacts possible!

Aaron G.