Midweek online sportsbook betting at Sportsbook.com

Everyday is a great day for betting on baseball, and this Wednesday is no different as there are a number of great match-ups available for wagering across our best online sports betting sites featured here at CasinoReview.org. Two contests scheduled for this evening have caught my wagering eye; both the Detroit Tigers vs. the Minnesota Twins, and the San Diego Padres vs. the New York Mets should make for great games to watch, and hopefully profitable to wager on. The 22 year old Andrew Miller, who has shown thus far to be an outstanding prospect with an ERA just over three, will go up against the almighty Johan Santana tonight from the Metrodome in what should be a great contest. With my Sportsbook.com account ready to do some wagering, the first bet of the day will go on this game, taking the Tigers to overcome the Twins. It may be a slightly risky wager, but Detroit has done well at putting up the numbers, even on quality pitchers such as Santana. As for the NY Mets v. San Diego Padres, that is another story altogether. With Greg Maddux up against John Maine tonight, it’s almost a coin flip who will come out on top this evening in San Diego. I’ll have to go with the home team in this one, as this should be a close contest between two great teams.

There are plenty of other games to choose from tonight, and since the past few days have been pretty good to me, it’s time to bust out a few more parlay wagers at Sportsbook.com, one of the best online sportsbooks offered anywhere on the internet. I can’t bring myself to bet against the Yanks tonight, who face Toronto at home, so as a start to another parlay wager, this will be a first game taken. I’ve got to take the Yankees with the points in this game, as they have been pretty good at lighting up teams at home, especially since starting to turn their season around. Also for this sportsbook wager, I’ve got to throw in the Colorado Rockies, who have been streaking lately and are facing the dreadful Pittsburgh Pirates, who couldn’t seem to get a winning season even if they paid for one. It would make 6 straight losses for the Bucs. Again, I’ll take the Rockies with the point spread, as they should have no problem getting by Pittsburgh this evening. With the last wager of the parlay bet, there is a classic match-up between the San Francisco Giants and the Chicago Cubs, both of whom will be featuring great pitching tonight. Unfortunately for the Giants, their great pitching has no run support, as is shown by Matt Cain’s mid-3 ERA and 3-10 win-loss record. Carlos Zambrano should have no problem closing the deal tonight, as the Cubbies are really starting to play some good baseball. Lou Pinella is slowly but surely turning this team around, and I really hope to see them in the post-season this year.

Get you online sports bets placed in our top sportsbooks here tonight, as baseball action is always a great way to get into online sports betting. Check out Sportsbook.com if you haven’t already, as it always offers plenty of action in their online sportsbook and casino.

Aaron G.