Weekend finally arrives, reflecting on this week’s …

As this week draws to a close, there is a bit of a stink in the air in the world of sports. The smell is disseminating from just about every corner of the sports world, from baseball to basketball, and football to cycling. From steroids and doping to dog fights and illegal betting, it’s been a shame that a few characters in otherwise great sporting institutions have unknowingly tarnished the reputations of their respective leagues, and likewise given fans reason to be skeptical about the types of role models they, or their children look up to these days. While it’s certainly a shame that sports betting comes under scrutiny as NBA referee Tim Donaghy’s case exposes a darker side to sports wagering, it is even more of a shame that a highly paid, outstanding athlete and roll model to thousands, if not millions of children decides to indulge in one of the most ruthless and disgusting ‘sports’ to exist. I’ll keep my point short, as no one really likes to dwell on shameful stories before a nice weekend, but as dog lover and a voice (if so very small) on the internet, I’d like to publicly denounce dog fighting as a sport of criminals, and no way for a decent human being to treat another member of this earth. That’s all I have to say about that�for now.

However, it is time to bring up the current home-run record that is in jeopardy to fall as Barry Bonds has hit his 754th home run, and is now within one homer of tying, and two of breaking one of the most sought after and sacred records in all of American sports. The real shame here comes from the fact that everybody knows Bonds is a cheat. Like him or not (personally, even without the alleged anabolic steroid use I believe him to be one of the top 5 hitters in baseball history)  one of America’s pastimes will be tarnished, at least until Alex Rodriguez, who is only a couple home runs away from 500, gets to the hallowed record in about six or seven years. As one writer so eloquently spoke about Commissioner Bud Selig, it would be Selig’s dream to see Alex Rodriguez hit 258 home runs in the time it takes Bonds to hit two. Major League Baseball, again, needs a better doping policy; so that real records such as the one put forth by Hammerin’ Hank Aaron don’t go spoiled by the greedy nature of an already great ball-player to get somewhere he shouldn’t be.

In lighter fare we can be happy that the world goes on turning and fortunately so does the Major League Baseball season. With the large majority of baseball not associated with scandal, as well as online sportsbook betting being a perfectly legal and fun way to supplement professional sports, you can count on these dark spots to pass and the exciting and awe-inspiring moments to shine through. We all hate to see bad eggs smelling up the world of sports, but at this time it is also wise to look at the great things happening around that world with all the new talent and exciting action day in and day out that keep us coming back for more wagering, and more trips to the ballparks, stadiums, and arenas. Either way, it’s very likely that this week will be a record setting one, and for good or bad we can all say that we were apart of that moment. Enjoy it while it lasts�

Aaron G.