Major League Baseball means major league action in our …

After a nice long Fourth of July weekend away, it’s never pleasant having to go back to work the following Monday, as we all know how much nicer it would be to just keep on having every day off�.however, the daily grind is back, but with it comes yet another day of great chances to place wagers at our best online sportsbooks reviewed here at For today, it’s back to Major League Baseball action as the center point for a couple of sportsbook bets, and you can be sure to have a bit of baseball on the tube coming home after work today to take your mind off of a Monday of work. With a couple of good games to watch, and plenty of good games to wager on, anyone betting on sports should consider dropping a bet or two tonight!

For action in the National League, check out the Mets vs. the Phillies, as I expect there should be some high scoring action in this one later on today. I like Pittsburgh at home over the Houston Astros, and I expect the Milwaukee Brewers to be on a bit of high note after finishing the acquisition of pitcher C.C. Sabathia, which will at the very least put Milwaukee as the title holder of the ‘Most Tonnage Per Team’ award�that should be passed out at the All-Star break later this year. On a much more serious note, with Milwaukee carrying Sabathia and ace Ben Sheets as a one-two punch, the rest of the NL better be paying attention, because they will be one of the teams to beat come post-season. I like San Diego at home behind Greg Maddux, and Los Angeles should prevail in the other late west coast games.

In the AL, it’s more of the same great betting opportunities at the top sportsbooks here on our site. Boston and Minnesota square off, with both teams in second place in their respective divisions with very respectable records. The Angels should get the Rangers with Ervin Santana on the hill, and as always, expect the Mariners to get demolished on the road. Running into the All-Star break however, we can all say what an amazing change it is tosee Tampa Bay leading all of baseball. Wow. Check out the great MLB games, and all other betting types at the great websites available here. Enjoy the evening after work, and thanks for stopping by!

Aaron G.