Friday night sportsbook action at

Another weekend has finally come around, and I’m happy to say that it’s Friday night, and it’s all about surfing the best sites here at to find some great online sportsbook and casino action! As a precursor for to my online endeavors, I’ve been betting on sports at for about 2 years now (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), and I always know what to expect when making my way over to this fine website. Knowing that this site is tried and tested gives me confidence that my wins actually translate in to the money promised, and that at anytime I have issues, the website will offer plenty of solid support. is where I’ve decided to have my Friday night action, where plenty of people just like myself are down to trade some coin around! So the first thing to be done after coming home from work is to drop into the online sports book, and place a few wagers for tonight Major League Baseball games before hopping into a few casinos and trying out my luck!

Of note today, Tampa Bay is currently riding a string of losses which could be all too reminiscent of a hot first-half team, and heart-breaking second half team that occurred not too long ago (sorry Milwaukee´┐Ż). At a current 4 game skid, many pundits are starting to wonder if we are seeing a similar situation with a young team coming out strong, but running out of gas late, and just missing out when it really counts. While Boston chugs right along behind them, Tampa Bay may end up in the worst position yet; having to contend with the Yankees, A’s, Twins, and White Sox for a Wild Card. Crazy. With all these great teams playing today, there are plenty of games to choose from today and tonight, and no one looking to do some betting on sports should be empty handed at our featured sportsbooks here at

I like a West Coast match-up any night of the week, so my game of the night will be Oakland hosting the L.A. Angels. On the other side of L.A. (actually IN the city), the Dodgers host the Marlins in what should be a pretty good series. So without further question (I’ve become too loyal to my L.A. hometeams!) my online sportsbook bet of the night will go for the Dodgers to win, and hopefully make some coin for play in a few online casinos! Have a great weekend, and thanks for checking out the best online sports betting sites here at We’ll catch up with you tomorrow for more sports betting updates and more MLB baseball action.

Aaron G.