British Open, MLB baseball highlight sports betting on …

It’s always nice to get a day to yourself. Instead of the usual chores, errands, or whatever you might have to do, Sundays should always be reserved for kicking back, watching some sports, and placing a few wagers on our best online sports betting sites here at For Sunday, the British Open highlight a great comeback run by Greg Norman, who looked posed at the end of Saturday to possibly take a shot at the defending champion Padraig Harrington. Unfortunately for him, Padraig Harrington had other things in mind, coming out shooting a final round 69 to Norman’s 78. Becoming only the second Irishman in history to win the tournament in the first place, Sunday was certainly a great day for him and golfing fans once again, even if some of the bigger names in golf didn’t show up this weekend with good rounds. My wager for the weekend tournament placed at (<a href=””>read the review of Intertops</a>), may not have won me any money this weekend, however this was a magical weekend at Birkdale, and something that all golfing fans could get behind.

Sunday’s online sports betting for Major League Baseball included some great action and from coast to coast, baseball action is picking up bigtime, first with the Yankees starting to make a serious run after winning their game against Oakland today during their home stand. Now 8 games over .500, the Yankees are a serious threat once again, and look to another possible home sweep against the inbound Twins, who do not match-up to the Bronx Bombers well at Yankee Stadium. The Mets on the other side of town are looking great for betting on sports, as they grabbed another win today in ten innings against the Cincinnati Reds. The Cards and the Rockies both swept their foes at home, while Tim Lincecum could not (again) get any support in the San Francisco loss to a rising Milwaukee team.

Regardless of the outcomes in online sports betting, Sunday had some great games in store for betting on sports, and you can always bet that for each and every weekend of sportsbook action, you can find all the best right here at our website. For all the great action, and great sports betting advice, look no futher than our best online sports betting sites here at There will always be great wagers to cash in on, so grab as much information as possible and place your bets at your favorite online sportsbook.

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