Online sportsbook betting update for Sunday

With the Major League Baseball All-Star break coming in just over a week or so, today is another great day for betting on the best of the best, and watching the All-Stars contestants perform now that they are under the spotlight is always a good time leading up to the break. Luckily for baseball and sports betting fans alike, Sunday evening will feature some great match-ups for our online sportsbook betting, including fifteen MLB games, which will undoubtedly show off some of the firepower to come in the upcoming All-Star game. As teams approach the half way point of the season, it always seems as though the spotlight tightens on Major League Baseball, and players who have made it into the All-Star game like to show off why they were put there. Finally there are a number of players that fans can focus on, and a number of teams that are riding well-represented teams that should be powering past the halfway point of the year.

First up for online sportsbook betting today, my opening wager will have to be on the Boston vs. Seattle game, in which the Seattle will be looking to strike another win while visiting the Red Sox at the hostile Fenway Park. It will be a tough game to make the correct wagering call on, but judging by the fact that the M’s snuck out a win last night, today I’m going over to (<a href=””>read the review of BetUS</a>) for the wager on Boston to win. Consistently one of the best online sportsbooks available on the internet, always offers great wagering choices, a great website layout for easy navigation, and the best customer service. Besides that, I’ve also racked up some pretty good dough on their site in the last year, and I consider it my luck four leaf clover of online sports betting sites.

Other great baseball games in store for wagering on today feature a great pitching duel between the Houston Astros and the San Francisco Giants (Roy Oswalt v. Randy Johnson), as well as the Texas Rangers vs. the Tampa Bay Rays. The Tigers and the Twins get down in the Twin Cities, and that game should be another one worth checking out. The Yankeses and Blue Jays round out the better games to watch, but the action for top sportsbook betting has plenty of other options for any avid sports fan. Check out these games and many others available at our best sportsbook websites here at to make your Sunday afternoon a little more exciting, and possibly a lot more profitable!

Aaron G.