All-Star game wrap-up, preparation for more sports …

While yet again the National League team finds itself at the short end of the stick, I must say that the All-Star game this year was another great performance from two very well balanced teams. I’m certainly hoping that you were able to catch last night’s superb performances from both the National and American League pitching staffs, as we’re once again reminded how much more exciting an All-Star game can be when there is incentive on the line (being home field advantage for the winner’s league in the World Series. After Mariano Rivera took the field to close out the game last night, the American League pulled out a quiet victory in front of a decidedly National League audience at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. However even with the anti-climatic end of the festivities, this year’s All-Star game was certainly something that all baseball fans young and old could appreciate, and definitely shows that the league is becoming younger, more competitive, but also filled with great sportsmanship, and a respect for the history of the game.

For a few highlights in this year’s game, we must start with the game changer in the seventh inning, with Carl Crawford’s leaping catch to save a home run (subsequently, the inning before the AL took the lead 4-3 on a triple by Curtis Granderson). A fantastic catch to rob the NL of their first win in 13 years, Crawford’s efforts highlighted a strong defensive and relief pitching effort by the AL squad. With the NL’s offensive production coming in only the 2nd inning, 3 run effort, and their last 22 of 24 batters going out, needless to say pitching wins ballgames. If you give up a few runs early, but can close a game down the stretch, your team will go far in any game. For betting on sports for baseball, a great lesson is learned here, and that is power is trumped by control, and great pitching beats great hitting any day of the week.

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Aaron G.