Getting ready for the second half of Major League …

While the National League was left speechless once again after the American League prevailed in yet another All-Star Game this year, fans will turn their attention slowly away from the spectacle of another great All-Star break full of exciting fanfare, and get ready for the second half of betting on sports for Major League Baseball. Taking a look at the situation around the league, it’s safe to say that only a handful of teams seem to have what it takes for a shot at the post season this year, with a few surprises, and as always, the usual mainstay of perennially great ballclubs. With the Yankees and Red Sox in charge of the AL East, and the Angels and Rangers in firm position in the AL West, only the AL Central remains as a total grab bag for a potential pennant champion at the end of the year. On the flipside in the National League, the Phillies and the Dodgers are clearly the favorites for a run at October ball, although the Rockies, and Giants are all over a shot at the Wild Card, and St. Louis and Chicago will be battling it out until the home stretch for supremacy for the NL Central.

For Thursday, it’s a slow leak for a few Major League teams getting into action however there is plenty of sports betting up for grabs for future games tomorrow. Heading to ((<a href=””>read the review of</a>), I’m taking out a few sportsbook bets for this week’s coming games, and it’s a perfect opportunity today to browse a new website, or head to a new online casino while we wait for the next session of Major League Baseball action. I like the games between the Angels and Athletics (hoping for an A’s win, as they are out of it, and Angels losses are good for M’s fans such as myself), and the Mariners and Indians, which round out the AL action for sports betting today. Over the NL, check out the Cubs to nab a road win at Washington, the Brewers on the road against the Reds, the Phillies against the Marlins, and the Rockies against the Padres for some good chances to cash in on sports betting today.

Now that the MLB break is officially over, it’s back to business for all teams and players tomorrow and back to online sportsbook betting at our top sportsbooks featured here at for me right now! Check out some of the reviews of the best websites today, as there is always much to be learned when it comes to betting on sports!

Aaron G.