3rd Place World Cup Match, plenty of online sports …

For Football fans of the international sense (Soccer for you Americans), this weekend brings two huge matches to close out the 2010 FIFA World Cup from South Africa, and like any good football fan should be, we’re up early to prepare wagers for the two upcoming games, and also to squeeze in a number of wagers for all the featured Major League Baseball action scheduled for later on today. With a focus first and foremost on the 3rd Place match between Germany and Uruguay, we head to one of the best online sportsbooks at the Betus.com sportsbook (read the review of Betus.com), which features one of the quickest and easiest ways to log in, and get into wagering any day of the week. Although Germany may be deflated from their earlier loss to Spain which knocked them out of the Final match, we’re taking our first wager on the stronger and more composed German team, and look for plenty of scoring to highlight today’s key match. Either which way you wager, get your bets down for today’s game, since after today only the Final remains to be the last World Cup game for the next 4 years before Brazil takes the torch in 2014!

For baseball wagering at the top sportsbook at Betus.com, we’re looking to a painful wager on Cliff Lee, who no longer works for our Seattle Mariners, and instead has gone to the Texas Rangers, who deal with the Baltimore Orioles in an evening match-up. An easy wager to start the betting off today, look for the Rangers to get on the board early and often against one of the lowliest teams in the League. Throughout the American League, find great games including Boston and Toronto, Detroit once again hosting Minnesota, King Felix and the Mariners looking for redemption against Javier Vasquez and the Yankees, and Matt Garza looking for his 10th win for the Tampa Bay Rays against the Cleveland Indians. A well-rounded day for wagers on American League Baseball, look to these games and more to start off the baseball bets, and check out the pitching match-ups in store to determine the possible winners later on today.

As we rotate naturally to the National League today, we’re counting on the San Francisco Giants to get even with the Washington Nationals, the Phillies at home over the Reds in what will likely be another hit-fest, and the Rockies to hold their ground at home over the San Diego Padres. As both leagues head towards the All-Star break, many teams are still looking for those final pieces to their lineups before the trading deadline, which no doubt will shake up the league a bit, and lead to some exciting boosts for teams looking to shore up their chances at a post season run. Find your winners today at Betus.com, have a great afternoon filled with World Cup Footaball and Major League Baseball, and as always, thanks for stopping by Casinoreview.org for reviews and updates on the best online sports betting sites found anywhere on the web!

Aaron G.