Victory for National League completes and exciting an …

I’m certainly hoping that you were able to catch last night’s superb performances from both the National and American League pitching staffs, as we’re once again reminded how much more exciting an All-Star game can be when there is incentive on the line (being home field advantage for the winner’s league in the World Series), so the best in the business fully live up to their potential for the fans. After one key swing in tonight’s game by unexpected hero Brian McCann, the National League gained its first victory since 1996, and celebrated a new generation of top pitchers in the NL including Josh Johnson and Ubaldo Jimenez who led the path to victory. Even though this years’ festivities are now at a close, the All-Star game was certainly something that all baseball fans young and old could appreciate, and definitely shows that the league is becoming younger, more competitive, but also filled with great sportsmanship, and a respect for the history of the game.

For a few highlights in this year’s game, we must start with the game changer in the seventh inning, with Brian McCann’s 3-rund double to move ahead and seal the game at 3-1. No doubt of benefit to the pitchers on the mound tonight, the tricky shadows dancing around Angel Stadium ended up becoming the best friends of the National League pitching staff, as Ubaldo Jimenez and Josh Johnson each threw down solid 2 inning shut-out performances, as the rest of the staff added up one run (none earned) on six hits for the talented staff. A subdued All-Star game for sure this year, nonetheless it’s always great to see the newest and youngest excel at such a high level, and set the tone for years of great baseball athletes to come.

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