Rounding out the weekend with sports bets at

After a rough go on Friday for online sports betting, the tides have turned fortunate once again, and fortunately for this guy, Saturday’s wagers on MLB baseball ended up coming through for me at our featured online sportsbook at Oddsmaker sportsbook (read the review of, leaving a very big smile on my face and more room for betting on Sunday afternoon. Getting a little bit luck, the Texas Rangers stumbled Saturday against the Los Angeles Angels, finally allowing the Angels to end their three game skid, and subsequently start the winning ways for my sports betting. With a solid parlay wager taking the Atlanta Braves, SF Giants and Cincinnati Reds to follow, Saturday improved the outlook of online sports betting for the rest of the weekend by giving some much needed capital for further sports betting to come. As such, Sunday’s offerings for betting on sports look especially plentiful, and I for one am once again ready to dive in to the great online action for sports betting today´┐Żjust before I crash on the couch and enjoy the days’ games!

Kicking off Sunday’s baseball wagering possibilities, the Texas Rangers vs. Los Angeles Angels series has been certainly one to watch, with the Rangers keeping a strong grip on the AL West (despite dropping a game last night at home). Today is another story however, with the youngster Tommy Hunter on the mound for the Rangers, looking to go 8-0 on the season against Trevor Bell, who is just getting his feet wet in the league. Take Texas for a solid pick, as the Rangers rarely drop two straight on home turf. Further AL action finds the Minnesota Twins looking to end their recent road slide against the Baltimore Orioles, the Rays look to win at Cleveland once again, and the Red Sox try to regain face after a rare Jon Lester loss to the Seattle Mariners. Moving to the National League, check out the continuing Atlanta Braves vs. Florida Marlins series, the Dodgers and Clayton Kershaw against the struggling Mets and Philadelphia once again taking on Colorado.

Once again Major League Baseball has surprised me, having some of the best competitions over the weekend, and a few very close games that made online sports betting the exciting hobby it truly is. If you’ve never done any sports wagering on the MLB, check out some of our featured sportsbooks like the one at for sports betting advice, and take out a few small wagers for a few of the up and coming games in the next week. You won’t be disappointed with the action that has thus far been just about non-stop for Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Cycling, you name it! From all of us here at, enjoy the rest of your weekend, and enjoy betting in our top sportsbooks we have offered for yours (and our) review. Everyday is a great day for online sportsbook wagering, so get into the action today!

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