Mid-week online sports betting update, wagers at …

Everyday is a great day for betting on baseball, and this Wednesday is no different as there are a number of possible match-ups available for wagering across our best online sports betting sites reviewed at CasinoReview.org. Today happens to call for a few parlay wagers, as there are not too many outstanding match-ups between teams, but a bunch of good chances to pile some good teams together to prevail against a few less than great teams. With my Sportsbook.com (read the review of sportsbook.com) account ready to do some wagering, the first bet of the day will go on the Minnesota Twins, who look to complete a three-game sweep of the lowly Royals, combined with Tim Hudson and the Braves over the Nationals, as well as Jeff Niemann and the Tampa Bay Rays over the Detroit Tigers. As the week winds on, the action in baseball heats up, so you won’t want to miss wagering on as many great contests as possible today!

There are plenty of other great games to choose from for betting on sports today, and since the past few days have been pretty good for some solid wins, it’s time to bust one more parlay wager at Sportsbook.com, one of the best online sportsbooks offered anywhere on the internet. I can’t bring myself to bet against the San Diego Padres at home against the Los Angeles Dodgers, so as a start to another parlay wager, this will be a first game taken. I’ve got to also take the Oakland Athletics against the Rangers, in a great pitching duel between Trevor Cahill and Colby Lewis. Also for this sportsbook wager, I’ve got to throw in the LA Angels to save a little face against Josh Becket and the Boston Red Sox, as they look to avoid being swept at home. The White Sox remain hot, and look for their 10th in a row at home hosting the down and out Mariners, and A.J. Burnett tries to get back in shape as the Yanks try to work over the Indians for another road win.

With a few more games scattered throughout the Major League Baseball landscape, and available for online sports betting, get you online sports bets placed in any one of the top sportsbooks reviewed here today, as baseball action is always a great way to get into online sports betting. Check out Sportsbook.com if you haven’t already, as it always offers plenty of action in their online sportsbook and casino. Online sports betting gets a bit more exciting when you shoot for a few low cost parlays, as they have the potential for adding serious coin to your sportsbook account. Check out the match-ups and place your bets for your favorite baseball picks tonight at our online sportsbooks here at CasinoReview.org.

Aaron G.