Friday finishes off a great week of online sports betting …

It’s once again that time of the week to put down the mundane work load offered up by your employer, and get into the real fun of watching sports and placing wagers on baseball at one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed right here at! Coming off a solid week of winning in the top online sportsbooks, we’re looking to add even more cash to our online sports betting accounts, and for today’s wagers, we look no further than at one of the best in the business, at the Players Only sportsbook (read the review of Players Only has been a staple for betting on sports since the inception of this website, and for the past three years, it has been one of the few go-to spots for wagering on a weekly basis. With 15 games on tap for wagers on Major League Baseball at the Players Only Sportsbook, expect to find great wagers, fair lines, and a quick in-and-out experience to get you ready for the games lying just ahead this afternoon and evening.

For this Friday, we’re interested in the debut of Roy Oswalt for the Philadelphia Phillies, as he looks to continue the winning ways for his new club as they hit the road for a fresh new series with the Washington Nationals. Washington however has played good ball at home against the top teams in the league, and with Philadelphia’s road woes, we’re slightly reluctant to take Oswalt in his first game on the road. As such, the total points wager looks promising, as we can expect good run production from both squads in tonight’s showdown. Hedging wagers on starting pitching for the most part today, check out Shaun Marcum and the Toronto Blue Jays as they host the Cleveland Indians, Jon Lester and the Boston Red Sox against the visiting Detroit Tigers, and Tim Lincecum on the hill for the Giants who face their divisional foes, the Los Angeles Dodgers. With these great pitchers in action, placing wagers across all of them is a sure-fire way to break better than even at the sportsbook today, and give you plenty of exciting action to watch after the last deed of the day is done at work.

Moving towards the weekend, find continuing action for betting on sports across Major League baseball, which is sure to add to a fun-filled weekend of being away from the daily grind. We’ll be headed down to Anaheim tomorrow for the great match-up between the Texas Rangers and the Los Angeles Dodgers, as Dan Haren looks for his first win with his new club, and also looks to whittle away at the Rangers’ lead in the AL West. Find your key match-ups this weekend at any one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here, and get ready for another action-packed day of sports this Saturday. Enjoy your weekend, good luck in your wagers, and as always thanks for stopping by!

Aaron G.