National League claims MLB All-Star Game crown once more

I’m certainly hoping that you were able to catch this evening’s exciting 2011 All-Star Game, as we were once again reminded how much more interesting an All-Star game can be when there is incentive on the line (being home field advantage for the winner’s league in the World Series), so the best in the business fully live up to their potential for the fans. After one key swing in tonight’s game by Prince Fielder, the generator of the most boos from the biased Arizona faithful in attendance, the National League added another victory to their 2010 win (which certainly helped San Francisco to win the World Series last season), and celebrated top pitchers in the NL including Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Jair Jurrjens and Clayton Kershaw among the starters, but finished with a strong note as Craig Kimbrel, Jonny Venters, Heath Bell and Brian Wilson helped to hold the American League hitters to just 1 run on 6 hits in a 5-1 victory. Even though this years’ festivities are now at a close, the All-Star game was certainly something that all baseball fans young and old could appreciate, and definitely shows that the league is becoming younger, more competitive, but also filled with great sportsmanship, and a respect for the history of the game.

For a few highlights in this year’s game, we must start with the game changers in the 4th inning, as Adrian Gonzalez led the scoring in the top-half of the inning with a solo shot coming as a continuation of his outstanding performance in the Home Run Derby to make it  a 1-0 ballgame. However, as happened to be the case in the Derby yesterday, once again Gonzalez found himself outdone, as the National League’s Prince Fielder took advantage of a C.J. Wilson mistake over the plate, and put that mistake about 430 feet over the wall in left center field. That would prove to be the deciding factor in this year’s All-Star gala, as once again pitching outweighed run scoring, and though many would say that the game’s low scoring and low hitting totals led to a somewhat boring affair as has been the case in the last two years now, any fan of baseball would have to appreciate the big names, fanfare, and the excitement of a casual atmosphere for the American Pastime that only comes once a season. A subdued All-Star game for sure this year, nonetheless it’s always great to see the newest and youngest excel at such a high level, see the veterans enjoy the company of their peers across all the other teams in the league, and kick off the home stretch for the Major League Baseball season ahead.

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Aaron G.