Major League Baseball back in action for sports betting …

With the continuation of the 2011 Major League Baseball season getting underway today after the extended break provided by the 2011 MLB All-Star festivities, sports fans should be licking their chops for a chance to compete in the action scheduled today, as 7 new games kick off the second half of the baseball season, and begin the run for this season’s playoffs. For betting on Thursday night, we’ve admittedly jumped the gun and taken out most wagers on Wednesday at the sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), however with games actually underway today, we can’t help but throwing together a few more parlay wagers, just so we can do a little bit of wagering on Thursday before the games begin. For additional wagers on today’s games, I’m switching it up and checking out the Betonline Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Betonline Sportsbook</a>) If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out the sportsbook, casino and poker rooms, find out what the experience of betting on sports is all about, at one of the oldest and best established betting sites around.

To reiterate the great Major League Baseball games in store for Thursday night,  I’ve lined up a couple of additional parlay wagers set at three teams apiece, which should do well to round out the sports betting, after a Wednesday full of single wagers on the individual games being played. Banking on the improving hand of Derek Holland for the Texas Rangers against the Seattle Mariners, as well as the hot streak the Rangers find themselves on heading into the second half, the Mariners simply don’t seem to have enough firepower to combat the Rangers, thus taking Texas to cover the runline is a worthwhile bet to open with. Secondly, I’ll stick with the Cleveland Indians on the road against the slipping Baltimore Orioles, as the Tribe seeks to improve its road form after going 20-24 in the first half, and could regain the lead in the AL Central with a victory this evening. In Toronto tonight, the hitter-friendly ballpark spells trouble for Jays’ starting pitchers Jo-Jo Reyes, and as such for the first parlay finisher I like the Yankees behind Bartolo Colon to put plenty of runs up, and help eclipse the over/under mark tonight.

Into the second parlay of the day, I’ll start out with a look at the Colorado Rockies vs. the Milwaukee Brewers, with the best pitching match-up of the day featuring Ubaldo Jimenez against Yovani Gallardo. After a 4-8 start on the season and some bad luck, Jimenez is my pick for the pitcher to have the biggest improvement in the second half, and starting today I’ll side with that notion by taking Colorado to emerge a winner at home to start the first series off right. Adding in wagers on the final parlay of the day, I’ll take a risk on the Chicago Cubs and Matt Garza, hoping that they can keep Florida in check at the plate enough to stay under on total runs this evening. Lastly, look for Madison Bumgarner to start San Francisco’s second half off right, getting a victory for the Giants as they face the San Diego Padres at PetCo Park tonight. Our best online sports betting sites reviewed have all the Major League Baseball games at your fingertips, so if you aren’t able to have your choice of what games to watch, you can still get in on the action online. With everyday being a great day for wagering on baseball from now until through the playoffs in October, make sure to check out all the sports betting advice online, and utilize any online sports websites to get all the pertinent facts for betting on game day. I’ve been pretty successful so far this year with baseball betting. I certainly owe a lot of that to the wealth of information available to sports fans online, and have definitely seen the benefits of utilizing online stats pages and sports write-ups. So hop on to one of our great online sportsbooks reviewed here at, and enjoy a great day of Major League Baseball!

Aaron G.