sportsbook gets the call for Sunday …

No doubt the weekend has come and gone all too quickly, but hopefully it hasn’t left you without a bit of profit at one of the top online sports betting destinations, and not without a bit of fun under your belt on Friday or Saturday evening. However with Sunday, it’s always typical to have plenty of sports betting action available to help nurse a hangover from the couch, or simply help you to relax before tomorrow’s return to work, and with plenty of action on the baseball diamond today with 15 games in store for Major League play, there’s a solid possibility you can use a restful day to let a couple of well-placed wagers help you recoup some blown funds from the weekends excesses. For this Sunday, it happens to be a great day for online sports betting fans, as a few placed wagers at the sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) hope to add to an exciting afternoon of baseball, as series wrap up today and a number of key divisional races are starting to become truly exciting and attention worthy. With plenty of top pitchers in action for Major League Baseball today, as well as a number of hot teams streaking into a new week, it’s worth breaking down who’s on the mound, and specifically who’s pitching well to help determine where wagers should be placed. With the usual supply of 15 games in store, you should find no trouble digging around the options for betting on baseball at and be in and out in no time at all with a handful of solid wagers.

Breaking down the action around the league, perhaps the most outstanding pitching duel comes in the series-ending match-up between the Detroit Tigers and Los Angeles Angels, as Cy Young award winners Justin Verlander (14-5, 2.34 ERA) and Jered Weaver (14-4, 1.79 ERA)  duke it out in arguably the best pitching match-up of the week (if not the month). Runs will be at a premium with both pitchers pitching at the top of their game, however in an equally matched duel on the mound, I always like to lean to the home team, in this case the Tigers for the best bet on this match-up. The Boston Red Sox could earn the best record for July in franchise history by defeating the Chicago White Sox today, moving to 20-6 on the month provided fill-in starter Andrew Miller can settle down enough at U.S. Cellular Field. However, I’m not the one to wager against the veteran Mark Buehrle at home, and will expect the White Sox to pull out a victory with their bats against the weakest link in the Boston rotation at the moment. Next up, a good match-up featuring some shaky pitching in the Texas vs. Toronto game tonight seems primed for a wager on the over total runs, as Rogers Centre, a hitter-friendly park, should have no problems helping to produce runs as both starters C.J. Wilson and Brandon Morrow come off rough starts, and one or the other will likely get roughed up again in this afternoon’s game.

Make sure to check out all the teams making a move this week, and capitalize on some streaking teams to payout when betting on sports. With series closing out in the National League as well today, catch the hottest teams in action before Monday switches over to a new slate of competition. For the best and safest wagers on the day, continue to ride the Milwaukee Brewers at home as they seek a 6th straight win and a series sweep against the Houston Astros today before a great showdown with NL Central foes the St. Louis Cardinals, the Arizona Diamondbacks look to capitalize on the slumping San Francisco Giants (who they face in divisional play come the new week) by picking up another victory behind the ever-improving Joe Saunders), and the Cincinnati Reds seek to help themselves and the Diamondbacks with a sweep of the Giants with ace Johnny Cueto up against once-again faltering Barry Zito. I for one can’t wait for more exciting betting on sports for baseball this week, especially with a sports betting account a little bit more full after a (hopefully) successful weekend of sportsbook wagering. You can always find a large helping of Major League Baseball games to wager on in the best online sportsbooks reviewed here, so check out all the great games ahead in the month to come, and as always good luck in all your betting endeavors!

Aaron G.