Friday Night Sports betting at

The weekend has finally arrived again, and with it will come more great online sports betting opportunities for all types of sports fans. Though there isn’t much to choose from on Friday in NBA basketball or NHL playoff betting, Major League Baseball is always offering sports fans plenty of excitement and action at the sports books, as the season has definitely kicked into high gear. For Friday night, this means parlay wagering at (read the review of Players Only) for yours truly, and possibly some bets for the hockey and basketball games to come on Saturday. Sportsbook betting has been awfully good to me so far in this MLB season, and I’m counting some wins from teams that I normally wouldn’t bet on to help notch up a few more dollars in my online sportsbook account at Before I get started into baseball betting, I must take a short little while to reflect on Thursday night’s Cleveland vs. Detroit match-up, which went in to two overtimes, and eventually won me a nice little chunk of change in my online betting. LeBron James just had his official superstar coming out party. Not since Michael Jordan himself have I ever seen a player take total control of a basketball game to lead his team to victory. Scroring the last 29 of the 30 points the Cavaliers posted in their 109-107 win over the Pistons, it was an absolute spectacle and a privilege to watch this 48 point playoff performance from Mr. James. Not only did his play contribute to a win for me in my online sportsbook bet, but he single handedly put the Cavaliers ahead in the series 3-2, with all the momentum in their favor. It’s not everyday you get to see history being written in the NBA, but this is certainly one of those times. If you haven’t had the opportunity to place a sportsbook wager on the Cavs this year, now would be the time to go to one of our best online sportsbooks and plant some cash on Cleveland to win this series. They have what it takes, and I believe they are going to the big show. Back to baseball for Friday night, I find myself wagering on the New York Yankees as they take on the Boston Red Sox. Normally, being the anti-Yank (sorry for those who are), I wouldn’t ever bet on the Yankees, but with Tim Wakefield’s record of getting shelled against the Bronx Bombers, I’ve got to go with the pin stripes. To round off my bet, I’m taking the Mariners over the Rangers, and the Angels to beat the Orioles. With a full day and night of baseball, there should be plenty to choose from at our featured online sportsbooks here at So good luck in your wagering and have a great weekend! Aaron G.