NBA Conference Finals Action, more Major League Baseball …

Tonight is definitely a game that no sports fan will want to miss out on. It is Game six of the series between the Detroit Pistons and the Cleveland Cavaliers, and for the first time in three and a half decades, the Cavs could potentially be going to the NBA Finals. Being an underdog kind-of-guy myself, I felt that this would be the perfect opportunity to put down a big bet on one of our best online sportsbooks here at, and hopefully ride on Cleveland’s coattails of fortune with a winning bet. With the momentum fully in the Cavalier’s corner, and LeBron James seeming to improve like years are passing by instead of games, I’m counting on the them to take down the Detroit Pistons tonight at home, and hopefully my online sportsbook account will be quite a bit more healthy than before today started. There is only a few more hours until game time, so definitely make sure to head over to one of our top sportsbooks and get your wagers placed. As the previous games in this series have shown, this should be a close game, with a highly contested finish.

With the anticipation for a great basketball game set for this evening, I have also taken out a few wagers for Major League Baseball at, which is one of my favorite sportsbooks on our site. It’s a bit more of the same for me this weekend, which includes betting on the Red Sox, Mets, Braves, and the Angels. I really want to start betting more on my hometown Seattle Mariners, but everytime I bet on the home team, it seems that something always ends up backfiring. So for today, I’ll be leaving them out of the wagering, and hoping that the four-team parlay bet will score some extra cash for me by day’s end. As always, the BoSox vs. Yankees game will have all the hype regardless of the fact that the Yanks are 13 games behind the first place Red Sox, but I still expect that the Yankees pitching staff will be the Achilles heel in this game, as they have been in most games this season.  Nonetheless, there will be some great baseball games tonight that you won’t want to miss wagering on, as there are games being played all over the country this evening.

On a quick hockey note, it’s Game three of the Anaheim vs. Ottawa Stanley Cup finals, which makes today’s online sports betting very difficult to squeeze everything in. This should be a well-fought game as Ottawa really needs to win if they expect to stay alive in the series. So if you happen to be a hockey fan, I’m sure that I don’t need to tell you to catch the game tonight. I’m holding out on my online sports betting for this game, but I know that it will be worth betting on if hockey suits your fancy. This weekend has great opportunities for betting on sports, so get your bets in order and enjoy all the excitement that online sports betting has to offer. We’ll catch up with you again tomorrow, and good luck!

Aaron G.