One day away from the NBA Finals!

It’s one step closer to the start of the NBA Championship series between the San Antonio Spurs and the Cleveland Cavaliers. I for one couldn’t be more excited, as playoff basketball in general is great to watch and bet on, but the Finals are always the absolute cream of the crop as far as I’m concerned. What’s great about this series is that the Spurs are a dynasty team, and the Cavaliers are a relative unknown. It’s really anyone’s Championship to take, and I would imagine most people would agree that there will be some tough online sports betting choices to make in preparation for this series. As the first game of this Finals series begins tomorrow, I thought it would be wise to check around our best online sportsbooks here at to find the right wager to place on this game, and get my money down before it’s too late tomorrow. The spread seems to be pretty static at a 7 � point advantage for the Spurs, however, there is some differentiation on the money that varies from -380 to -420 on San Antonio. With this game being played in Texas, it’s definitely going to be a hard pick, however, the way the Cavs have kept their games close, I’m betting on more of the same in the first game of the series. looks to have the right wager for me today, as it is one of my favorite online sports betting sites on the internet. I’m taking the Cavaliers with the 7 � points, as I’m feeling that they will keep it very close in the first game. As usual, the match-ups have been analyzed non-stop for the past week, but I still can’t help from thinking that Cleveland wants this series more, both for themselves, and for their championship-starved fans back home. That being said, if the Cavs hope to keep up, they are absolutely going to have to win one game on the road out of the first two. There will certainly be some great on-court match-ups to watch during this series, and I personally believe that this NBA Championship will come down to whoever can control the rebounding game. Zydrunas Ilgauskas will have to really be a force against Tim Duncan in the opening games, and hopefully LeBron James will get some help with Larry Hughes and Drew Gooden up against the Spurs tried and tested team play.

While yesterday wasn’t such a great day for my Major League Baseball bets, tomorrow is another day for betting on sports, and I’m back with another couple of parlay wagers for tonight’s baseball games, along with betting on the NBA Finals. There’s great pitching duel between the San Diego Padres and the L.A. Dodgers, as Randy Wolf and Greg Maddux will go at it from PetCo Park. Brandon Webb and Matt Morris square off as the Giants look to get back a game from the Diamondbacks that was stolen in extra innings last night. Look for these and other great games to choose from on our best online sportsbooks here at Thanks for checking in, and make sure to drop by tomorrow for more sports updates!

Aaron G.