NBA Finals get carried away with another San Antonio win

I must admit that as Tuesday night came around, so came with it a feeling of optimism for the NBA Finals between the San Antonio Spurs and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Having lost two bets in a row, and seeing the Cavs get firmly dealt with in two straight games, I, along with at least a few others predicted that this series would get to 2-1 as soon as the series returned home, and subsequently took out online sportsbook wagers with that in mind.  With the final seconds ticking off the clock however, Cleveland just could not muster together enough to push past the strong defense of the Spurs, and ended up falling 3-0 on a 75-72 loss. Luckily though, I managed to recoup a little bit of winnings by taking the points on Cleveland, which just about evened out the night of sports betting. Nonetheless, with the now seemingly impossible challenge facing the Cavaliers, I must admit that I’m a little disappointed in the way this series is turning out. No breakthrough performances, very little showmanship, and now one of the lowest scoring finals game in history has got fans turning the channel and looking for excitement elsewhere.

Though I tend to enjoy the thrill of betting on sports in our featured online sportsbooks here at, I must admit that the NBA Finals won’t be getting my wagers anymore. The Spurs have been touted by many as a ‘Dynasty’ team, but any team that I can remember that had that classification also had memorable moments in their history that set them apart. I cannot say that from the bland San Antonio team, who simply win by playing fundamental basketball, and capitalizing on mistakes. They completely dominate their opponents, but not in a way that draws sports fans closer to the game, and leaves fans wanting much more than a few clutch three point shots and driving lay-ins. In fact, I can’t recall if there was even one dunk in last night’s basketball game. It could also be said that this game on Tuesday night had one of the worst officiating performances I’ve ever witnessed in a playoff game, but that’s another story, and is all water under the bridge now. Cleveland had their chance, and now they’re finished.

On to more upbeat things, we have plenty of great baseball action to look forward to this week, including exciting series between the Yankees and Diamondbacks, the Dodgers and Mets, and Milwaukee and Detroit. The great thing about baseball is the wide variety of games to choose from daily at our featured online sports betting sites, and there will always be great plays, great pitching, and close games on any given day. I’m definitely ready for a full commitment to betting on baseball, now that the NBA Finals have all but wrapped up this year. So come join me down at a few of our best sportsbooks here at, shake off any of the NBA Finals blues, and find some great action on any day of the week. Thanks for checking in with us, and we’ll see you again tomorrow.

Aaron G.