Goodbye NBA Finals, Hello rest of MLB season

It’s officially all over folks. The NBA season has come to rest in what might go down as one of the least impressive match-ups ever put together to close out the NBA Championship. I for one must freely admit my disappointment in this series,  after watching four of the most boring NBA games I’ve been witness to in a very long time. Although my bias may also stem from some defeated wagers in my online sports betting for this series, I had my hopes up that Cleveland would at very least make a good fighting effort to contend for the title. Unfortunately what fans got was a nothing of the sort, and thus the series closes out abruptly in four straight games, and very little action worth betting on in our featured online sportsbooks at Congratulations are in order to the San Antonio Spurs, who indeed are a great all-around team, if not very exciting to watch during the course of a basketball game.

So it’s officially on to focus betting on Major League Baseball, which has had plenty of exciting series thus far, and always offers sports fan plenty of betting choices at the best online sportsbook websites on the internet. For Thursday night, a handful of good games were played out, and even though I was suckered in to watching the last game of the NBA Series, I still managed to head over to to drop a few quick wagers on the evening’s baseball action. Picking the Mariners to rebound against the Cubs apparently backfired on me this evening, as the Cubbies rallied late on a Caesar Izturis two-run double to win 5-4 at home. I was fortunate enough to score back some much need coin on a two-team parlay bet taking the L.A. Angels and the Oakland A’s who defeated the struggling Cincinnati Reds and Houston Astros respectively. I’ll certainly take it, as I’m still try to regain composure after getting routed by the NBA Finals. And how about those Yankees? Number nine in a row comes after sweeping the Arizona Diamondbacks and Yankee Stadium, and the Yankees are starting to look like the team that everyone would expect from a 190 million dollar payroll.

Betting on sports doesn’t get much better when you have plenty of games to choose from every night of the week. Look out for a great match-up starting Friday night between the L.A Dodgers and the L.A Angels. Also, another subway series in New York between the Yankees and the Mets gets underway, as well as a series between the Red Sox and the Giants, who haven’t matched up since 1912. It’s going to be a great weekend of baseball and you certainly will want to check out all the wagering possibilities on our featured online sports betting sites here at

Aaron G.