Online sportsbook wins turn into more wagers for Sunday

It’s not too often that one can be lucky enough to win all bets in a single day, especially when one is an amateur online gambler such as myself. Fortunately for me, Saturday’s wagers on the College World Series and MLB baseball ended up coming through for me at our featured online sportsbook at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), leaving a very big smile on my face and more room for betting on Sunday afternoon. As predicted, the New York Yankees pulled out a wild win on Saturday, carried by a 4-5 batting performance by Derek Jeter and yet another home run for Alex Rodriguez, who is having a an outstanding month of June thus far, and going 2-4 in this game with 2 RBIs. Tom Glavine did not have a good start at all for the Mets suffering through seven runs given up in only four innings of work. Although the starting Yankee pitching didn’t far much better on Saturday, the offensive juggernaut has definitely been awoken for the Yankees, as they scored two runs per inning from the second to the sixth to get the win. Earlier in the season people were constantly wondering what was wrong with the Yankees, and it’s seems like they finally have responded with their bats. It is yet to be seen however if they will be able to carry their sub-par pitching staff on that alone, but they are doing a good job right now.

In the Los Angeles series between the Dodgers and the Angels, the lack of offense for the Dodger did turn out to be the Achilles heel in Saturday’s game, as the Angels won 3-0, with the Dodgers only scattering five hits. Between this game and the New York contest, Sunday all of a sudden look a lot more fun for my online sports betting, as I have a bit of extra cash to play with today. I’ll throw some money at the College World Series at one of our top sportsbooks, as there is just one game between Louisville and Mississippi State today, with the Cardinals expected to pull out this game with a win. I’m hoping for that at least, because I would love to see a match-up between the Cardinals and the Tar Heels, both of whom have outstanding baseball clubs this year. I can’t resist the PAC-10 match-up for Monday, with Arizona State taking on the defending Champion Oregon State Beavers. This should be a great game to do some online sports betting on, and I will certainly take the Beavers in this contest as I’ve got them going all the way to the Championship game this year.

Once again College Baseball has surprised me, having some of the best competitions over the weekend, and a few very close games. If you’ve never done any sports wagering on NCAA baseball, check out some of our featured sportsbooks for sports betting advice, and take out a few small wagers for a few of the up and coming games. You won’t be disappointed with the action that has thus far been just about non-stop. From all of us here at, enjoy the rest of your weekend, and enjoy betting in our top sportsbooks we have offered. Everyday is a great day for online sportsbook wagering, so get into the action today!

Aaron G.