Online sportsbook wins turn into more wagers for Sunday

Back to the daily grind, back to more MLB wagering
This weekend turned out to be a great one for baseball fans, as the College World Series has had some great games, and Major League baseball has seen some great match-ups over the course of the last few days. With the best online sportsbooks completely full with potential baseball wagers, I must admit that for a baseball fan, this time of year is some little slice of heaven. With Monday always bringing the gloom of another long work week to mind, it is nice to know that plenty of baseball games will be waiting for us when we all get off work, and the online sportsbooks featured at our site always have great up-to-date information and sports betting advice to kill those lulling times of the day. Although I’ve already placed one wager on today’s College World Series match-up between Oregon State and Arizona State, there are a few other baseball wagers that can be made today, even if the rivalries aren’t quite as spectacular as a PAC-10 contest between two very good NCAA teams. Plus, wandering around our best online sportsbooks in search of information and a few possible wagers is always more exciting than staring a pile a work to be completed in the office, right?

For today’s bets, I’m going entirely on West Coast games for a three-team parlay wager at, which if you haven’t tried out is one of our best online sportsbooks we offer here at There is some fun bets to be had with inter-league play, even if the stats between certain teams aren’t as telling as match-ups between league or even divisional contests. However, the L.A Angels go up against the struggling Houston Astros tonight at home, and I really couldn’t bring myself to bet any other way except to take the Angels to win this game as they are by far the better team in this match-up. I’ll also take Oakland to win against Cincinnati with the line on the Athletics, and the San Francisco Giants to beat the Brewers who are starting tonight’s game with 20 year old youngster Yovani Gallardo. San Fran has certainly had their woes this year, especially in the run production department, and they definitely need a win tonight to avoid the continuation of an already 4 game losing streak.

Beat a case of the Mondays this week by heading to one of our feature online sports betting sites for some great baseball action. If you have a chance, check out the Arizona State vs. Oregon State College baseball game, which should be an exciting game to watch, especially for PAC-10 fans. As always, thanks for dropping by our site for great online sportsbook reviews, and links to the best online sportsbooks offered on the internet.

Aaron G.