Big Payoffs, more exciting baseball wagering in our …

There are times when you get really lucky betting in online sportsbooks, and there are times when the outcomes are almost unbelievable. Upon taking out a few wagers last night at our featured sportsbook at, I was banking on solid performances from star pitchers to collectively score a three-team parlay wager win for Tuesday night. Little did I think of the possibility that all three pitchers I was banking on last night would throw shutout performances, including one complete game, 4 hit shutout served to the New York Mets by Cy-Young winner Johan Santana. Although shutouts aren’t always the most exciting games to watch, this game between the Twins had it all, even if Mr. Santana could only muster up one strikeout during the whole game. With the Twins providing both the runs (winning the game 9-0) and the pitching, this was probably one of the most lop sided games I’ve seen this year between well matched teams since Detroit roughed up the Angels at home last month 12-0.

Elsewhere, Brad Penny came through in the clutch, throwing 7 innings of shutout ball in the Dodgers win, and Josh Beckett also held down the fort with 6 innings of shutout pitching for the BoSox in their win over Atlanta. Three pitchers combining for 22 innings, no runs, and only 12 hits in total. I don’t know about you, but that is phenomenal. I certainly can’t expect to be that lucky every night in my online sports betting, however I’ll take it whenever I can. With a little extra change off of yesterday’s parlay win, I’m throwing some money on Jeremy Bonderman who looks to go 8-0 on the year as the Detroit Tigers take on the Washington Nationals. This guy is from my home state of Washington, and I will always jump at the opportunity to bet on homegrown talent. I’ll lay off the MLB for this evening other than this game, in order to catch the College World Series games between Rice and North Carolina, and Oregon State and UC Irvine.


If you haven’t had an opportunity for online sports betting on the College World Series, now is certainly that time. The games up until now have been back and forth excitement, and really have brought some great match-ups to the table. While I’m looking for Oregon State to repeat this year, all the remaining teams are well-built ball clubs, and anything can happen on any given day in college sports. Nonetheless, head down to one of our best online sportsbooks here at, and find out for yourself how exciting the College Baseball World Series really is. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Aaron G.