College World Series, MLB baseball betting

Saturday is yet another great day for baseball, and for betting in online sportsbooks across the internet. Saturday marked the start of the Championship Series in NCAA baseball, as the North Carolina Tar Heels and the Oregon State Beavers went toe-to-toe in the final round for the second straight year of the College World Series. It is without a doubt that this has been one of the better CWS of the past few years, and to see these two teams come back to face each other is definitely a fine spectacle. While there can be only one overall winner, both of these teams have shown thus far the determination and grit that sports fans love to see. On Saturday night, it was certainly made clear who was in control of this series thus far, as Oregon State prevailed 11-4 over the UNC Tar Heels, putting the Beavers one step closer to a coveted repeat as champions, and putting my online sportsbook account at a little further into the positive. It is true that as the great Johnny Bench once said, “It’s never over ’til it’s over,” however with the momentum that the OSU team carries with it into Sunday’s potential series deciding game, it’s starting to feel like destiny for the Beavers from the great Northwest.


I really haven’t given the opportunity to sing the praises of the young freshmen pitcher from Oregon State, who has given the Beavers a real shot in the arm during this entire series. Jorge Reyes, a young, superstitious kid who rallied his team from potential defeat at the Regional tournament in Charlottesville, put down the UNC offensive front by giving the Beavers a strong 6 1/3 innings with only 3 runs given up. With the double digits put up by the OSU offense helping the cause, Reyes easily strolled to another victory on Saturday night, capping off a phenomenal overall series for the young hurler. Oregon State, even if the outcome does not go their way this year, has plenty to look forward to with this kid on the hill for at least another year. Watching this young pitcher go through meditative face tapping exercises, pregame jitters, and listening to his unvarnished talk about his love of family and the game really brings home what baseball is all about. This kid is a model for what all athletes should strive to become.


As if the College World Series was enough for Saturday, managing to squeeze in a couple of MLB wagers would seem like overkill. Since it is in fact the weekend, I figured that excess isn’t all too bad, and so continued sportsbook betting at seemed like a fine idea. With inter-league play still going strong, I threw in a small three-team parlay wager on West Coast teams for Saturday, and came out on top with a few more bucks in my online account. The San Diego Padres, Seattle Mariners, and the L.A. Angels all clutched up on Saturday, giving Saturday to be one very lucky day for this writer. From us at, thanks for checking out the best online sportsbooks feature on our site, and have lucky rest of the weekend!


Aaron G.