Sunday’s College World Series action

After a pretty quick playoff season in the NCAA College World Series, it is almost a shock that the potential final game of the year could take place this evening. Tonight from Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha, Nebraska, the Oregon State Beavers look to be on a very short list of teams who have managed to repeat as College Baseball champions in the 61 year history of the tournament. As a fairly skeptical online sports bettor, I certainly didn’t predict that Oregon State would actually live up to my claim of getting back to the final series, although I will say I’m pleasantly surprised. Choosing OSU from the beginning of the tournament, I really only took them on the fact that I’ve always liked there organization, and felt like rooting for the tournament underdog. However, now facing North Carolina for the chance to repeat a College World Series, Oregon State has not only surprised the entire NCAA baseball world, but also they have contributed to some clutch online sportsbook betting wins for this writer. Like the St. Louis Cardinals who came in to the World Series as the last seed, OSU has come all the way from a losing record in the PAC-10 to being undefeated in the post-season up until this point.

With all this talk of Oregon State, I really can’t say enough for the North Carolina Tarheels, who have also played outstanding team baseball, and have a number of great players under one great coach in Mike Fox. Regardless of the outcome of this game, the Tarheels deserve to be here, having fought off defeat a number of times. Nonetheless, my online sportsbook wager will be placed on OSU to finish out the series tonight, and going over to (<a href=””>read the review of BetUS</a>) seemed like the right place to take out such a wager. has long been one of the best online sports betting sites on the internet, having one of the most navigable websites, clean betting layouts and options, and outstanding customer support. So I’ll cross my fingers hopefully one last time, and take Oregon State with the point spread on this game. Either way, it’s going to be an exciting evening of College Baseball, and whether you choose to wager on this game or not, it will definitely be worth checking out.


I still can’t fully convey how exciting the College World Series has been this year, and has offered a great change of pace to online sportsbook betting. While I’m certainly no expert in betting on College Baseball (in fact, I never have wagered on it previously), I’ve found that it can be just as exciting as MLB baseball, if not more so. The fans, the small-town atmosphere, and the drive of these young players bring a real connection to the true roots of the game. These guys love the game. No huge paychecks, no endorsement deals, and nothing but the love of the game brings these guys out to the ballpark. It’s baseball in a true form that should be able to be appreciated by any sports fan, and has been a great time for betting on sports at our featured sportsbooks here at So check out the game this evening, and enjoy what might be the last NCAA baseball game of the year. It certainly will be a good one.

Aaron G.