Sports betting action on Monday

After a long weekend with plenty of great sports activity, sports fans flock back to the usual work week, hopefully with a bit of extra winnings to supplant their incomes. However, even though the week has started anew, there are still great sports betting chances to be had at our featured sports books here at Major League baseball would provide plenty of online action, as twelve games in total were available for Monday afternoon and evening. Fully set on the Brad Penny band wagon, my first wager of the day would be taking a bet on the Los Angeles Dodgers against the Arizona Diamondbacks, with Mr. Penny going for his 10th win of the season. This would be a good match-up between two teams with nearly identical records, however with the big 6’4″, 265 pound Penny on the mound, anyone should be reluctant to bet against this guy, especially when taking in to account that he has only been bested once so far this year.

To no one’s surprise, Brad Penny had another outstanding outing, leading the L.A. Dodgers to an 8-1 victory in Arizona, after throwing 8 innings with only 4 hits allowed and 1 run given up. Fantasy Baseball owners who have this guy this season must be on top of the world right now, and to match that, anyone betting on sports when Brad Penny’s turn comes around for the Dodgers has also had great results. I know that I sing this guy’s praises on a weekly basis however between Brad Penny, Josh Beckett, Jake Peavy and a few others, sportsbook betting on MLB baseball can become a lot easier by just playing the odds on these pitchers. I’m certainly no professional gambler, but I can tell you from my experience this year that choosing the right pitcher on an online sportsbook betting site will be more important than just about any other factor. Though I wouldn’t adivise solely betting on just pitching, I’ve certainly won quite a few wagers just by banking on the probability of a quality start from the guy on the mound that day.

The best ways to get quality bets is to utilize all the information available at our featured sportsbooks here at Sports betting advice is abundant and free to use, and offers potential gamblers a good perspective to choosing the right bets on the right day. Check out some of our online sportsbook reviews here on our site, then see what sportsbooks offers in terms of betting advice, updated stats, and day-to-day team comparisons. You will find a wealth of information at your disposal, which you can use to be a more knowledgeable and profitable bettor.

Aaron G.