takes center stage for baseball wagering

With the NBA Finals still a few days away, and a spectacular Stanley Cup Playoffs game between Pittsburgh and Detroit pushing a game six on Wednesday, this Tuesday is an all-in day for Major League Baseball, and I for one plan to capitalize on some extra cash won yesterday for use in today’s online wagering. With a total of fifteen games on tap for today, betting on sports should definitely find sports fans taking at least one or two baseball games, as there happens to be some pretty decent match-ups tonight across the league. My betting for today will take place on (read the review of, which is certainly one of the best online sportsbooks we have ever featured here at Tonight, just for fun as well, I’m taking the same winning combination as last night, and hoping for the Cubbies, Angels and Dodgers to pull through once again.

Elsewhere in the Major Leagues tonight, there should be an pretty good pitching duel taking place as Randy Johnson and the Arizona Diamondbacks take on Seth McClung and the Milwaukee Brewers. Although McClung’s ERA stands at just north of 4, I like the way this big guy is pitching as of late, and hoping for a win for the Brewers in an upset. Also, check out Texas at home, who is gunning to get above .500 as well as being a legitimate contender for the first time in years in the AL West. Yankees at home are looking to do the same thing, and their match-up with Toronto should be a very well contested ball game, as the Blue Jays are certainly a better team than they used to be.

Our best online sports betting sites have all the Major League Baseball games at your fingertips, so if you aren’t able to have your choice of what games to watch, you can still get in on the action online. With everyday being a great day for wagering on baseball, make sure to check out all the sports betting advice online, and utilize any online sports websites to get all the pertinent facts for betting on gameday. I’ve been pretty successful so far this year with baseball betting. I certainly owe a lot of that to the wealth of information available to sports fans online, and have definitely seen the benefits of utilizing online stats pages and sports write-ups. So hop on to one of our great online sportsbooks here at, and enjoy a great Tuesday full of Major League Baseball.

Aaron G.