NBA Finals just around the Corner, Stanley cup Finals …

It’s one step closer to the start of the NBA Championship series between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics, and I for one couldn’t be more excited, as playoff basketball in general is great to watch and bet on, but the Finals are always the most exciting for any sports fan. What’s great about this series is that the two are a classic rivalry harking back to days where names like Bird, McCale, Magic, and Abdul-Jabaar were the talk of the NBA, and now there is a new generation of All-Star caliber players squaring off in a new day. For an overall take on this series, it’s really anyone’s Championship to take, and I would imagine most people would agree that there will be some tough online sports betting choices to make in preparation for this series. As the first game of this Finals series begins tomorrow, I thought it would be wise to check around our best online sportsbooks here at to find the right wager to place on this game, and get my money down before it’s too late tomorrow. looks to have the right wager for me today, as it is one of my favorite online sports betting sites on the internet. I’m taking the Lakers with the 2 � points buffer, as I’m feeling that they will keep it very close in the first game. As usual, the match-ups have been analyzed non-stop for the past week, but I still can’t help from thinking that the Los Angeles Lakers are just a faster, younger team that will be resilient enough to come back from any deficit to win. That being said, if Boston pulls of both game 1 and 2 at home don’t be surprised to see this series over in 5 games, and some serious crying in Los Angeles. If the Lakers split the series at Boston, I expect the series to get to seven games, and be one hell of a series to watch.

Last but certainly not least, the NHL Stanley Cup finals come down to game 6 tonight, with Detroit going back to Pittsburgh after not being able to clinch the series at home. Check out this game and more as tomorrow is another day for betting on sports, and I’m back with another couple of parlay wagers for tonight’s baseball games, along with betting on the NBA Finals. for these and other great games to choose from on our best online sportsbooks here at Thanks for checking in, and make sure to drop by tomorrow for more sports updates!

Aaron G.