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As the first game of the NBA Finals has come and gone, sports fans got a glimpse of how the series between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers might pan out, as Boston succeeded in shutting down the offensive attack of the Lakers playing excellent defense in an 98-88 win Thursday night. Unfortunately for me and possibly quite a few others betting on this game, my online sportsbook bet crashed and burned, as the Lakers’ anemic offense couldn’t get with the 2 � points given to them. With a scary moment occurring as Paul Pierce left the game in the 3rd with a slightly sprained knee, the Celtics fans and team rallied as their captain returned, plus one neoprene brace, and went on to score 11 of his 22 points after the return. The Lakers bench, normally robust in its ability to support the high-powered 1st team from time to time, was no were to be found. Lastly, it was rebounds and free throws that made the difference in this match-up; Boston scored 28 points at the line (to the Lakers 21), and pulled down 46 boards compared to LA’s 33.

Credit should also be given to Celtics for their well-paced control of the entire game and seemed to have a perfect plan for every quarter played. As this game shows, betting on sports can be a little tricky when it comes to playoff series in particular, however, I still positively believe that this series will come down to a game six or seven to decide it, at least hopefully if the Lakers can even up the series tonight at 1 game apiece! I’m already doing my online sports betting for Game 2 at (read the review of Superbook), and that wagering will no doubt include a few Major League Baseball parlays, which certainly happen to be a favorite of mine with so many games to choose from on a daily basis. Certainly for staters, Tim Lincecum on the hill tonight for the San Francisco Giants should be a good wagering choice, as he looks for his 8th win with only 1 loss on a team in the basement of the NL West.

I’d have to say that this year’s Major League baseball is definitely an exciting game for sports fans to watch and wager on. With the blink of an eye, teams have already completed over a third of the season, and baseball action is becoming more predictable for making statistically prepped, smart wagering choices throughout the rest of the year. Make sure to check out all the great sports action this weekend alongside the MLB, as College Baseball’s road to the World Series, the French open and the Belmont Stakes are all primed for top sportsbook betting. Stop by a few of our best online sports betting websites reviewed here at, have a great Friday, and we wish you all the luck in online wagering this weekend.

Aaron G.