NBA Finals get back into business for Tuesday …

I must admit that as Tuesday night came around, so came a bit of anxiety for the possible idea of another busted NBA finals, to the same tune as the San Antonio vs. Cleveland Final last year. Having lost a few bets on the Lakers so far, and seeing them get firmly dealt with in two straight games, I, along with at least a handful of others are now wondering if Los Angeles can come back from being 2 games down. As the Finals come back to Los Angeles though it’s still really anyone’s game, since home court advantage not only means stars and starlets in the audience, it means one of the best home court advantages come playoff time. What L.A. does need tonight is bench scoring, and if they are going to win (and they absolutely have to), everyone has to play well on both sides of the ball. Either which way, count on this to be the key game in this series; if the Lakers win, they could start a run and sweep three games at home´┐Żeasy. If Boston wins, you can bet that this series in the bag for the Celtics.

Though I tend to enjoy the thrill of betting on sports in our best online sportsbooks reviewed here at, I must admit that the NBA Finals have taken me for a bit of a ride. The Celtics have been playing just as a dynasty team should. They exhibit tenacity, attack, speed, and defense´┐Żall while seeming to actually being a great bunch of players. Throughout the season, they completely dominated their opponents because of their ability to spread the wealth amongst the star players, and use all their assets to pick teams apart piece by piece. They have successfully stopped one of the most prolific scoring machines I’ve seen in recent memory, and have done exactly what they needed to do to win the series. They will need 2 games heading in to Los Angeles tonight, and you will need a trip to the top sportsbooks if you haven’t gotten in on this great action yet!

On to the other side of sports, we have plenty of great baseball action to look forward to this week, including exciting series between the Angels and Devil Rays (who would have thought?), the Braves and Cubs, and the Yankees vs. Athletics. The great thing about baseball is the wide variety of games to choose from daily at the top sports betting sites, and there will always be great plays, great pitching, and close games on any given day. I’m definitely ready for a full commitment to betting on baseball, now that the NBA Finals have all but wrapped up this year. So come join me down at a few of our best sportsbooks and casinos here at and find some great action on any day of the week. Thanks for checking in with us, and we’ll see you again tomorrow!

Aaron G.